Husband duo Mister Co usher in a new rock era with liberating new single ‘Don’t Talk About It’ 

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Husband duo Mister Co usher in a new rock era with liberating new single ‘Don’t Talk About It’ 

Words by Staff Writer

Leaving love at the door, Mister Co fight back both musically and lyrically with ‘Don’t Talk About It’. 

Stepping out of the colourful, love-filled world and into a new era, liberated and filled with a fiery passion, Mister Co begins again. 

This time with ‘Don’t Talk About It’, a dynamic and catchy track that while taking a massive step in an entirely new direction, is still as genuine to who the husband duo are as anything else they’ve ever done. 

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Independently released on 17 June, ‘Don’t Talk About It’ sees the passionate musicians and producers Connor and Oscar Absolum exude immense confidence and liberation. 

Drawing inspiration from their alternative and rock influences, the near four-minute track features driving guitar lines, crashing percussion and intimate lyrics providing an enthralling entry into a new rock era for the duo while promising to liberate listeners and leave them humming the infectious chorus for days.

Soaring with raw emotion, cinematic strength and the radiant energy that’s become synonymous with the duo since their first single, here the duo delivers an entirely empowering anthem, delving into the theme of emotional captivity by those who claim to be supportive. 

Reflecting on their personal experiences of feeling restrained and limited by individuals who hindered their musical and personal endeavours, Mister Co. crafted ‘Don’t Talk About It’ as a powerful response to reclaim their voice, leaving behind the theme of ‘love’ that characterized their earlier works.

“We wrote ‘Don’t Talk About It’ while reflecting on the times in our lives where we felt held back and restricted by people who didn’t want us to succeed with our music, our business and our relationship. This was our chance to respond and have our say.”

Written as an emancipation piece, the pair explores the narrative of being held emotionally captive by those who claim to support you, singing: 

From your lies!
For me to take flight!
I want to take control, no need for you anymore
If you can’t back me 
Don’t stop me
Just sit there
And don’t talk about it 

In just one track, Mister Co cover it all, from high energy and passionate emotions to more introspective and contemplative emotions; it’s a raw and emotional rock track that’s impossible to ignore. 

“This track honestly means the world to us. It was influenced from a really dark time in both our lives,” the duo explain, “a time where our happiness was measured by other’s opinions but we found the strength to stand up for what we wanted and deserved. 

“A song we hope can bring our listeners a sense of self-liberation and power. For us, this is a change in the rock direction and we hope you enjoy.” 


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Co-produced once again by Dominik Harold from Protonaut Studios, ‘Don’t Talk About It’ stands as the third single from the talented duo of Connor and Oscar Absolum, both accomplished musicians and producers. Combining Oscar’s influences from big bands and musical theatre with Connor’s passion for anthem rock, soul, and pop, Mister Co. offers a genre-blended musical experience. While the pair has collaborated on numerous musical projects with various artists, it was after their wedding in April 2022 that they decided to embark on their songwriting journey as a duo.

Just over 12 months in from their new music venture, the newest single arrives just under two months after their most recent single ‘Make You Feel Alright’, an infectious and upbeat feel-good love track, and six months after their utterly romantic debut single ‘Tonight’. 

These previous releases garnered global acclaim, amassing over 50,000 streams, securing placements on 200 playlists worldwide, and receiving airtime on radio stations across the globe, including Melbourne’s esteemed LGBTIQA+ radio station, JOY FM.

Alongside their two previous singles, ‘Don’t Talk About It’ will feature on Mister Co.’s debut album, slated for an early 2024 release. Titled “On This Journey,” the album is a collection of songs that narrate their path from high school to the stage, culminating in their union as husbands.

While signifying a departure from their bold and bright retro, blues and soul sounds, ‘Don’t Talk About It’ is a telling sign of the duo’s growth together as an even stronger entity. 

Dedicated to their craft, the duo and each other, Mister Co have entered a new era, and like always, we’re here for it! 

‘Don’t Talk About It’ from Mister Co is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Check it out here.

This article was made in partnership with Mister Co.