How to spend a day in Regional Victoria for around $20

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How to spend a day in Regional Victoria for around $20

Words by Benjamin Lamb

Why do things cost so much?

With rising prices across the country, Aussies are struggling when it comes to the price of living. But there are still some things out there that are pretty affordable if you know where to find the right deals.

That’s where we come in, today we’ve got a bit of a guide for you to comb through, pick and choose your day, and you shouldn’t be spending any more than $20.

Coffee: $1

It’s hard to both support local business and find something for a cheap, so to start of our day, nothing beats heading to your local servo for a dirt-cheap cup of joe. Shell and 7/11 are often renowned for their higher quality beans, it might even taste a little better than your local. For $1, you can start your day with a great cheap kick.


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Visit to the Library: $0

It may sound yawn-inducing, but the library is often a great free resource that is too often overlooked in this day and age. Many libraries in metro and regional Victoria alike will put on some great free talks from authors, cool interactive experiences, and lots more. For example, Werribee’s Wyndham Libraries chuck on cool events like this workshop to assist you in managing your finances.

Morning Meditation: $0

Before the stress of your cheap day gets to you, nothing beats getting into some meditation. It’s been proven to help anxiety and focus your mind. There’s a great Aussie website that chucks on some free meditation classes, showing some spots across Victoria, or if you don’t want to head out, there’s a great section where a bunch of on demand classes are listed. Check out some more info on that here.


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Snacks: $6

As the early arvo rolls around, the hunger pangs come through hard and fast, but it can be pretty hard to eat for cheap. Regional Victoria is iconic for amazing wineries, cheeseries, and other -eries, where you can grab some killer tasting platters for a few bucks, you can usually find some around that $6 mark. Google some of your closest spots to find out more info, but one of the coolest in Forte’s home of Geelong is the cheesery Splatters, and their range of $6 tasting platters, which are paired up with some great alcohol. Check out some more info on Splatters here.

Free Workout: $0

One of the most insane prices many of us have fallen victim to is gym memberships. Often charging hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year just to exercise. Many companies have taken notice of this and will chuck on free classes for you to get your fitness up. There’s a bunch across Victoria, check out your closest one here.

Free local events: $0

If you’re planning your cheap day in advance, it’d be worth checking out what’s happening on Eventbrite. You’ve probably booked a gig or two on that website in the past, but they are a great resource when it comes to looking for things to do. You can chuck in some parameters and price ranges, and it’ll show you a bunch of things to do.

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See a movie with Choovie: $9

After lockdowns and self sequestration, we’re all used to not spending any money when it comes to watching the latest release. Now cinemas are back open, it’s gobsmacking at the prices some charge to catch new flicks. But thanks to an Aussie website called Choovie, you can type in any movie you’re thinking of, and it’ll show you discounted prices for all showings. For example, chucking in Thor will show a bunch of cinemas across regional Victoria, airing it for an easy $10, they sound like 1980’s prices.


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Dinner: $5-$10

To eat on the cheap, a great option is to check out your local Groupon or Scoopon, there’s always some killer deals on there, you can grab a decent meal and a drink for a few bucks.

Or if you’d prefer to cook at home, Regional Victoria is great for some affordable markets and fresh produce grocers, you can grab stuff for a salad for next to nothing. You can check out the closest grocer to you here. 

After dinner gig

Melbourne and Victoria alike are great towns for catching all things live music. There’s a bunch of artists out there just trying to get their name known and will play free gigs. During these warmer months, there’s also a few amazing free festivals that are worth heading to. Keep your eye on our website and we’ll be sure to let you know. 

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