Holy Holy: Top 5 Things You Can't Live Without

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Holy Holy: Top 5 Things You Can't Live Without

Here at Forte it seems we can’t live a day without listening to Holy Holy (okay that may be a bit extreme), but we thought it was the best chance to see what Holy Holy can’t live without. Turns out they can live without us…
1. My son. He’s a one-year-old. He enjoys strawberries and dancing with no pants on. He doesn’t like socks or sleeping in. He’s a real morning person.
2. My wife. She speaks three languages and works in the field of environmental management while also running bars for music festivals. She’s Swedish so I’ve had to develop a taste for raw pickled fish and flavoured vodka. Both of which I do actually like now.
3. Podcasts. Look. I wouldn’t die without them but I have got a bit of a habit. I listen to them all the time. Load of dishes? Planet Money. Walk in the mountains? Radio Lab. Can’t sleep? Something a bit boring is good, like BBC’s ‘In our time’, a history podcast so dry you never can stay awake through it all and you get to go to sleep learning about the pottery practices of ancient Rome. Bonus.
4. Coffee. I have a little wall mounted hand grinder and an aeropress. That keeps me going through the cold Tassie days. If you skip the coffee the headache creeps in and productivity is out the window. Lately I have been pulling my desk right up to the fire we have in the kitchen so I bang out emails with my back to the warm flames. It’s fucking freezing in Tassie. But it’s also super cosy and beautiful.
5. My crew. I’ve kind of ended up living in a bit of a commune. How did that happen? I’m not sure. Anyway There’s five of us (six with my son) and we live on 50 acres of forrest in Tassie. It’s the crew that make it fun. Lots of group dinners and breakfasts. Lots of chat and lots of laughs. You get to be a part of these different lives and we all help each other out. Although it’s not common, I guess in some ways it’s how we all used to live.
When & Where: Workers Club, Geelong – September 3, Karova Lounge, Ballarat – September 4 & Howler, Melbourne – September 5