Heloise: Nothin’ But the Bones EP

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Heloise: Nothin’ But the Bones EP

If the cover art doesn’t give it away, there’s a very Quentin Tarantino-esque vibe about Heloise’s release. Perhaps we’ve got ourselves a bit of a fan? Opening number ‘Old Salt’ is western slang with a strong female vocal and heavy beat. The track weaves in and out, with lyrics that are both creative and catchy.

Things slow down considerably with ‘Down the Line’ as they do with ‘Sonny (Guns to the Sky)’. They vary so much to the opening number you’d almost think they were from a different artist, but the country/folk twangs linger with each track. A particular highlight comes with the latter, in part for its emphasis on storytelling and harmonising. If you’re really into stories, pay particular attention to the one told in ‘Oxford Daisies’. ‘Virginia Slims’ has a stronger emphasis on the guitar riffs and heavy drum beat, and makes a return to the opening number. It’s edgier, dark and slowly builds throughout.

Overall this a varied release, with several tracks capturing the full band sound. This one would be killer to hear live.

Mountain Music/Noisehive
Reviewed by Valerie Vatoosh