Heaven the Axe Lock in Regional Shows

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Heaven the Axe Lock in Regional Shows

We know many Forte readers love their music loud and are willing to accept long­ term hearing loss as a result, so many of you will be pleased to know that Heaven the Axe have a couple of shows in Forte town. The Melbourne­ based band released their debut album, Sex, Chugs & Rock ’N’ Roll, in 2011.

In 2014 they recorded the title track to the hugely popular ‘Bogan Hunters’ TV show. And in 2016 they welcomed international guitarist Alex Hellenbach and bassist Ben Gilmour to the fold. A new album is also in the works, so you can bet you’ll hear a few new tunes at their upcoming shows.

The Karova, Ballarat – August 5 & Music Man, Bendigo – August 7. Special guests will appear at both shows.