Good Morning: Glory

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Good Morning: Glory

The morning is a time for slow moves; for your eyelids to open ever so slightly and for that pathway from the bed to the kitchen and to work to be navigated ever so cautiously. Good Morning’s new EP Glory is a release that captures that morning journey perfectly. It’s soft, slow music with the kind of slight distortion that comes with your senses kicking into gear for the day. ‘To Be Won’ and ‘Overslept’ have this feeling down to an art.

‘Cab Deg’ brings things into with a slightly more excited feel, I’d like to say it’s the kind of track that plays as you’re madly skateboarding along the esplanade in your dreams, throwing out all the killer moves. It’s slacker pop, honey toned and uplifting as all hell. It’s the kind of cheery music you play when you want to look at your loved one for days on end and deep into their eyes. Like, seriously deep.

While this release is only six tracks long, it’s six tracks teasing us what to expect from the band, and the future is looking bright.

Out independently
Reviewed by Valerie Vatoosh