Good For Wednesday: Hump Day

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Good For Wednesday: Hump Day

With a chaotic amalgamation of riffs, driving beats and powerful anthem vocals – Good For Wednesday’s debut seven track EP titled ‘Hump Day’ is a mighty milestone to add to what could be a prosperous foray into the rock and roll life for the band. There are an abundance of punk rock bands, it would be easy to rinse and repeat with what is already present in the scene however don’t let what you may have heard already place the band purely into the Punk category.

Whilst punk is an obvious influence on ‘Hump day’, there is quite an extensive splash of hard rock elements and an emphasis on big riffs that turn what could have been ‘just another punk release’ into an absolute breath of fresh air for the genre.

There is an undeniable high energy present on the EP that opens with a blistering intro track ‘Mission Statement’ – which is appropriately titled as it sets the stage and tone for what is an extensive tour of Guitarist/Vocalist David Weir’s arsenal of riffs and quite frankly, sonically giant choruses.

Good for Wednesday’s EP is inviting, whether you’re screaming along in your car, in the shower or pulling out your best air guitar moves at a show, the EP invites you to participate and in essence, that is what good music should do. Musically falling somewhere in between Foo Fighters and Lagwagon, Good for Wednesday’s ‘Hump Day’ EP is an absolute must listen to release this summer.

4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Josh Dowling