Go Fund Me and fundraiser gig announced for legendary Geelong photographer Ron McPherson

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Go Fund Me and fundraiser gig announced for legendary Geelong photographer Ron McPherson

Photo by Ron McPherson

Having spent his entire life documenting the filthy raw Rock n Roll experience that is so uniquely Geelong, the community is rallying behind the photographer to produce a photobook.

Take a moment to think of an iconic music photograph. Perhaps it’s Johnny Cash flipping the bird to photographer Jim Marshall during his legendary San Quentin State Prison concert. Maybe it is the Beatles and their last public performance on the rooftop of their Apple Corps headquarters. Many have had these images on their wall, on a t-shirt or as a screensaver.

Locally, Ron McPherson is a photographer who has spent his life documenting the Geelong music scene (’70s-’90s), immortalising moments of bands and artists remembered and forgotten but all of whom during their time in the sun provided a soundtrack to summer days and winter nights. They are images that make us feel part of a story.

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Unfortunately, Ron has been having some health issues and a photography book he had in the making has been put on the backburner.

Fortunately, there are a couple of ways in which you can help out Ron with getting his health in check and a book on the shelf. The first is a GoFundMe organised by Rick Chesshire with a goal of $5000.

“I’ve set up this Gofundme to thank Ron McPherson for taking so many amazing photos during Geelong’s Music Scene Circa 70’s – 90’s. I missed the entire era and without his photos, I just wouldn’t have the same connection to it,” the Go Fund Me description reads.

“His photos will leave your jaw on the floor for days. No flash, no bullshit. 100% as raw and alive as the music he captured.”

The second is a fundraiser locked in at the Barwon Club on January 25, 2022.

Future Tongues will kick off the night, followed by Sacramento Sweaters, Shanty Tramp, The Dive Bombs, Poppin’ Mommas and Swedish Magazines. DJ Two Fingers (Mick Simpson of Grindhouse) and DJ Bebe Claw (Rick Chesshire and Bridie) will keep things cooking.

Records, merchandise and memorabilia will be auctioned off to raise further funds, and if all goes according to plan the night will be recorded for a live release.

Every little bit helps, and we thank you for it.


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You can donate to the Go Fund Me here, and purchase tickets to the BC gig here