Get your hands on these indulgent ice cream stuffed donut cones at this local bakery

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Get your hands on these indulgent ice cream stuffed donut cones at this local bakery

Head chef, Chris Bart with the best dessert to grace the region.

What happens when you cross a donut with an ice cream cone? You get these beautiful creations.

We’ve truly been spoilt when it comes to indulging in tasty treats here in the Geelong region. Whether it’s apple pie cheesecake tacos, golden gaytime with caramel custard donuts, cheese trains, pancakes bars, sticky date croissants and Guinness world record winning vanilla slice, this place is chock-a-block with moments of true indulgence and bliss.

Now we’ve got one more to add to your ‘must-try’ list: donut ice cream cones. Yes, a cone made of sugary, delicious pastry.

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Renowned for being huge over in Prague, a local Canadian-inspired café and bakery is serving its own twist on this dessert craze. Here you get a crunchy cinnamon-sugar coated donut cone filled with two scoops of ice cream, topped with a mouth-watering donut ball, whipped cream and a topping of your choice!

It´s truly a perfect combination of all our favourite things: crunchy donut shell, creamy and flavoursome ice cream, nostalgic whipped cream, bite-sized cinnamon bomb – all these tastes combined in a perfect dessert. And it’s just $12. And available every single day.

So, where do we get these gifts from foodie heaven, you ask? None other than Maple Bakery Surfcoast, a beloved Canadian-inspired café and bakery in Torquay.

Since opening its doors last year, this joint has become renowned for bringing all the iconic sweets of Canada to Torquay. From the Nanaimo Bar (no-bake dessert) and Beaver Tails (hand-stretched fried dough topped with cinnamon sugar), to maple tarts and pecan danishes, you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of Canada – minus the travel fare.

While it’s earning a rep for its Canadian treats, the cafe features creative chefs who love to experiment in the kitchen, making waves for its creative takes on desserts from across the world. Croissants, pretzels, donuts, macarons, ice cream – you name it, this cafe has done it. They even made Maple Bacon Donuts, iced coffee topped with Maple Peacan ice cream, and Pulled Pork Donuts if you needed an idea of just how creative they get.

With lip-smacking Canadian foods that are sure to tantalise the taste buds of every discerning foodie, the humble little café is a must-visit for when you’re trekking down to the coast – especially with its straight-up doughnut cones loaded high with ice cream and all-you-can-fit trimmings every single day.

Maple Bakery is located at 40/10 Cylinders Drive, Torquay. Head to the website for more info.