Geelong’s Ghost Orchid unveil stunning debut single ‘Jade Vine’

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Geelong’s Ghost Orchid unveil stunning debut single ‘Jade Vine’

The new collaboration has seen two local songwriters blossom into something incredibly unique.

Ghost Orchid is a new acoustic duo hailing from Geelong who has today unveiled their stunning debut single, ‘Jade Vine’.

A musical collaboration of celebrated local indie artists Matt Wilkinson (LEEDEN) and Nathan Mossop (The Vainz), the project is a vehicle for the like-minded songwriters to collaborate and produce a themed album – a sonic bouquet – of indie-pop acoustic guitars and delicately entwined vocal melodies.

“The idea was to create something unique, organic and lush. But it was only after hearing the masterful work of Nathan Mossop on his acoustic guitar one afternoon that the idea of collaborating on a project like this, blossomed,” Wilkinson says.

Melding lush instrumentals to create a sumptuous backdrop for Wilkinson’s pitch-perfect pop-infused melodies, the debut single ‘Jade Vine’ is a stunning song that transports you on a journey to a gorgeous, acoustic-inspired landscape, a world rich with personal lyrics and raw sonic beauty. The stunning acoustic tones, courtesy of Mossop’s gently wonderful and deceptively intricate guitar work, immerses you deep into a pool of captivating story-telling and provides a serene escape from the typical feel of indie-pop music today.

Riding propellant but gentle rhythms that glow with warmth for the duration of the four-and-a-half-minute track, the duo has channelled all of their energy into creating something which has the beauty of a song from The Paper Kites and holds the lyrical depth of José González.

Co-recorded, produced and mixed by in-demand multi-instrumentalist and producer Jaron Jay, ‘Jade Vine’ is a cinematic and grandiose showcase of an emotionally evocative story with lyrics that reflects the feeling of finally letting go of someone who never made the effort to let you in.

Wilkinson’s beautiful voice and delicate earnestness shine through as he sings, “It’s been a long time coming, and I don’t mind what you do, and so you keep on running but she’s still got hold of you”.

The refined production is grounded which gives the songs a refreshing raw edge, truly providing a perfect launchpad for Wilkinson’s hypnotic vocals and Mossop’s alluring acoustics to take centre stage. Well-written verses combined with the delivery of the chorus and a catchy, pop-infused hook leaves us with a powerful first offering from the Geelong-based talent.

Lifted from their forthcoming debut album, ‘Jade Vine’ is the first of ten cosmic tracks to be released with titles reflective of Earth’s rarest flowers and sees both artists are their most authentic.

As two skilled artists with individual masterful storytelling abilities and undeniable creative focus, their blended talents and dynamic vision have seen the pair blossom into something incredibly unique.

Check out ‘Jade Vine’ below.

You can keep up with the latest from Ghost Orchid via Instagram.