Geelong’s Anther Spirits launch new gin in support of gynaecological cancer research and awareness

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Geelong’s Anther Spirits launch new gin in support of gynaecological cancer research and awareness

Support Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month with Ms. Gina.

The Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation (AGCF) has partnered with Geelong gin distillery and local legends Anther Spirits to launch Ms. Gina, a specially crafted gin, created to support and raise funds for gynaecological cancer research and awareness.

With September being Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month, the Ms. Gina gin provides the opportunity to donate to an important cause with a percentage of the proceeds going to AGCF, all while indulging in delicious gin!

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Every bottle is made locally in Geelong especially for the AGCF at the dedicated distillery in North Geelong.

The aromatic gin is crafted using a variety of flavours, from lemon myrtle and liquorice root, to rose petals and pea flower. The ingredients and botanicals have been carefully chosen for their holistic benefits, such as cloves for vaginal health and red clover which can assist with symptoms of menopause.

Priced at $80 for a 700ml bottle, Ms. Gina boasts a delicious flavour profile and will be on sale from all leading retail and independent bottle shops. The bottles is available via Anther here.

It’s not largely spoken about but Gynaecological cancer, or shortened as gynae cancer, has a one in 20 lifetime risk of developing in women, with a 68% survival rate. The survival rate has only increased by 6% in 30 years as compared to the breast cancer survival rate which grew 18% in the same period, thus highlighting the need for more well-funded research to improve survival outcomes. Numerous statistics amplify the importance of funding gynae cancer research as every two hours an Australian woman is diagnosed, and more than 5500 new cases are detected every year.

Historically, research for gynae cancer has received very little funding. As studies have shown that more direct funding is linked to greater improvements in survival rates, purchasing a bottle of Ms. Gina can help the AGCF to reach their goal to fund ten research grants a year.

This requires $1.1 million in total, and monies raised will support research in all gynae cancers, investigating new methods to screen and treat the eight gynae cancers that exist.


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The AGCF receives no government funding and relies on donations to fund research. As the number of women diagnosed with gynae cancer is rising, showing your support by purchasing a bottle of Ms. Gina this September will help fight gynae cancer for Australian women nationwide.

For more information on AGCF and to donate, please visit