Geelong Women’s Business Club return with its biggest event yet, dedicated to finding balance between business and life

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Geelong Women’s Business Club return with its biggest event yet, dedicated to finding balance between business and life

Bec Connolly & EmmyLou MacCarthy

Ready to say goodbye to a tumultuous year for business and hello to a year of transformation and success in 2022? This is the event for you. 

Driven by the belief that every woman is capable of achieving amazing things in business and life, the Geelong Women’s Business Club is back with its third event of the year following an empowering event back in May with Sophie Cachia, Kelly Cartwright, Deni Todorovic and Amanda Kereama from Cartel Flowers.

Now taking to Geelong Events Centre in Geelong on Saturday the 20th of November, Geelong Women’s Business Club’s highly anticipated networking event is bringing together like-minded women to both inspire and educate guests about finding a balance between business and life.

The key takeaways

  • Geelong Women’s Business Club (GWBC) is hosting an event dedicated to success in business and life
  • Special guests include EmmyLou MacCarthy, Colleen Callander, Madelyn Carafa, Bec Connolly and Amber Dawn
  • The event is raising money for Barwon Health Foundation with a portion of every ticket purchased being donated

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We know the process of building a successful business is not as simple as one size fits all; especially for women. Women in business face a unique set of challenges. From juggling work life and motherhood, perceived obstacles to achieving success in a ‘man’s world’, and managing home and travelling for organisational needs. But every day, no matter what, millions of women put their noses to the grindstone and achieve amazing things in so many different ways.

An opportunity for those who want to be inspired by the various forms of success and the numerous pathways people take to get there, the event will feature special guests Executive Producer, Presenter, Fashion Designer and social media powerhouse, EmmyLou MacCarthy; former Sportsgirl CEO Colleen Callander; Madelyn Carafa from The Healthy Hustlers; Bec Connolly from Botanicals by Luxe; and Amber Dawn from Non Airbrushed Me who will form the Q&A panel.

This incredible lineup of guests have all seen success in their business careers but, their individual definition of success varies.  Coming from all aspects of business, from purchasing an established business, to being the CEO of one of the biggest clothing brands in Australia, to gradually building a brand by starting with a podcast, their stories and experiences will no doubt leave guests feeling empowered, inspired and of the realisation that there is no set way to grow in business, just opportunities to learn and take away different aspects that may assist with the next step.

This GWBC event is all about investing in the growth and success of your business and building connections with others. Embracing and accepting unexpected changes and pivoting away from social norms is an important but challenging part of life and business.

“The Geelong Women’s Business Club prides itself on assisting guests reach their full potential both personally and within their business and careers,” says Geelong Women’s Business Club Founder, Merrin Schnabel.

“We love bringing like-minded individuals together to give them the opportunity to seek the tools and knowledge to continue on the path of success. The goal of the GWBC events is to ensure guests leave feeling inspired, determined and safe within our community. We are always proud putting together educational events that build the confidence of women in business!”

Alongside the guest panel, there will be a business hub showcase that gives eight local businesses the opportunity to market their businesses on-the-day and goodie bags for all guests valued at over $100.

While the GWBC Event has a focus of business, a portion of each ticket sold is being donated to Barwon Health Foundation.


The event will be held at the Geelong Events Centre in Geelong on Saturday the 20th of November from 5pm until 9pm, with the opportunity to network afterwards. Tickets can be purchased here