Geelong sisters create ‘pay it forward’ movement, providing coffee to our brave Health Care Workers

Geelong sisters create ‘pay it forward’ movement, providing coffee to our brave Health Care Workers

The initiative is designed to give thanks to our COVID-19 Health Care Workers by providing them a free coffee on YOU.

For the past 18 months, healthcare workers have been on the front lines handling the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, tirelessly caring for patients around the clock, administering tests, missing family celebrations and going to work throughout Victoria’s five lockdowns so we as a community can stay safe (here’s a great account of what frontline workers go through if you’re searching for perspective).

And while the response from our frontline workers has been one of resilience, dedication and compassion, it’s essential to acknowledge the enormous pressure that they are under.

Inspired by their mother, who has been working tirelessly swabbing the community to help keep others safe, Geelong local Mads Kirchner and her sister Ashleigh have kickstarted a ‘pay it forward’ movement across the town – Geelong Healthcare HEROS – raising money to go towards providing the region’s healthcare workers a fresh, barista-made coffee.

The key takeaways

  • Geelong sisters create ‘pay it forward’ campaign for frontline workers
  • The initiative aims to raise funds to purchase fresh coffee for Health Care Workers in the region
  • 100% of these proceeds go towards the initiative

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It’s a simple gesture – but it’s one that can make the world of difference to a healthcare worker during their shift.

“Our Health care workers are putting their health and safety in a comprising position every day in order to do their part in keeping our community COVID safe,” the page reads.

“Our plan is to raise money to give back a small act of kindness in providing coffees for Health Care workers during this time to provide a small thanks and act of kindness for the endless efforts they are injecting in our community during these unprecedented times.

“As we have approached the last of our fifth lockdown, we would not be in such a positive position to be doing so without the work of our public health care team.”

By simply visiting the dedicated page, residents can choose to buy a single coffee (or more) for $5 via the support button, and leave a message of support or encouragement if you wish.

The girls will personally donate vouchers to frontline workers at COVID-19 swabbing sites and vaccination clinics and they will then proceed to a local cafe within the area to redeem a coffee on YOU.

100% of these proceeds go towards the initiative, in an attempt to make a positive impact on the community.

“A donation as small as $5 could brighten the day of one of our amazing team who have support our community and greater beyond. You would be simply putting a smile on a health care workers face and also injecting money back into our community!”

If you don’t have the capacity to donate, you can still support by initiative by liking, sharing and commenting on their posts, allowing it to gain the traction it deserves. Your likes and comments go a whole lot further than you think!

Alongside being mentally and emotionally uplifting for the healthcare workers themselves, this initiative is also just a really easy avenue for people to show their support, without having to leave the house.

You can buy a Heath Care Hero a coffee here.