Geelong singer-songwriter Luke Biscan unleashes a sonic meditation with new single ‘All The Rage’

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Geelong singer-songwriter Luke Biscan unleashes a sonic meditation with new single ‘All The Rage’

With the help of talented producer Isaac Barter, Luke Biscan unveils 'All The Rage', a zen-infused sonic odyssey.

In the vibrant expanse of Geelong’s music scene, Luke Biscan stands as a luminary—a troubadour with a soul steeped in a rich tapestry of influences.

A songwriter whose every note seems to carry the weight of a life lived—a life woven with threads of scripture, old school hymns, Led Zeppelin, and Hendrix, Biscan’s latest offering, the single ‘All The Rage’, transcends genres and comes to life with quiet passion and cinematic grace.

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Released on 17 November 2023, ‘All The Rage’ opens a portal into Luke Biscan’s world, where electronic sounds interlace seamlessly with his signature acoustic prowess. In this three-minute cinematic meditation, Biscan imparts a crucial lesson on resilience.

“In a nutshell ‘All The Rage’ is a meditation on the importance of not being a sook,” Biscan candidly declares.

Written during a hangover sweat session back in 2020, the song’s sense of stillness and ability to cut through the noise appealed to the UK born singer-songwriter. Collaborating with long-time producer Isaac Barter, who sensed a zen and minimalist direction, Biscan deviates from his usual lane, embracing electronic elements and minimalist production alongside his gentle, airy vocals.

“I wrote ‘All The Rage’ in 2020 sweating out a hangover in a sauna. I liked its sense of stillness, and the way it cut through the noise,” Biscan explains. “I brought the song to Isaac Barter with a bunch of ideas for how I thought we might produce it, thankfully he wasn’t into any of them. He had the intuition the song should sound zen and minimalist, and ended up producing the entire track. He did a splendid job.

“I’m not one to veer too far out of my lane, but with ‘All The Rage’, the electronic elements in the production/vocals felt like the right vibe, so we went with it.”

Crafting a body of work that feels both intimate yet massive after biding time, the minimalist approach from Barter truly draws you into Biscan’s vocal storytelling exploring the shadows and the necessity of acceptance. Here the combination of spacious and ethereal understated production and lyrics of powerful imagery and melodies layer sincerity, depth, and complexity, creating a sonic experience that resonates with authenticity.

Hypnotising us with each word and wrapping around us like a Victorian winter, Biscan sings, hushed and sweet:

You can rage against the hurricane
You can rage till you’re blue in the face
but that ain gonna stop its turnin’
but that ain gonna stop its turnin’

I got high
I got high
for myself
for myself
I caught fire
I caught fire
By myself
By myself

And I felt like nothing
And I felt like everything
All the same
All the same


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In what might be described as one long lullaby, ‘All The Rage’ aligns with Luke’s evolution as an artist, being the first new piece of music from the artist since his 2021 single ‘Gethsemane’, which saw Biscan master the art of blending acoustic, pop and electro, taking the sound we’ve come to know and love to a whole new level.

Continuing to push his musical boundaries as he did with ‘Gethsemane,’ ‘All The Rage’ encapsulates Biscan’s continued growth and evolution as an artist —writing more for the present and less about untangling the past.

“I actually wrote ‘All The Rage’ around the same time as ‘Gethsemane.’ I feel like they’re both from the same gene pool. A friend of mine described them as being ‘ket laced’. I’m not sure what that means, but he’s probably right?”

“I think my writing has generally followed the course of my life. I’m still writing mostly for myself, always trying order my thoughts as carefully as I can. My writing seems to be more centred in the present these days and less about untangling the past, I think that’s a good sign.”

Accompanying the single is a visually arresting music video. Conceived as an old-fashioned western, the video features a lone rider reaching the end of his road—a story arc mirroring the sparsity of the music.

Directed by Jesse Leaman, the video transcends typical music visuals, feeling more like a short film Noir.

On the music video, Biscan explains, “My first thought was – ‘imagine casting a camel in a music video, wouldn’t that be something?’ That idea eventually became the story of a lone rider coming to the end of his road. The clip has a bunch of themes running through it, stoicism being the prime subtext. I wanted it to feel like an old fashioned western, with a minimal story arc to compliment the sparsity of the music.

“Jesse Leaman put together a great screen play based on my story, assembled a film crew, and directed. The beautiful Daniela Duque Gallo featured as a recollected love interest, and Flynn the camel made for a very handsome number two. The final cut came out feeling less like a music video and more like a short film Noir. All in all a very special experience.”

Deeply rooted in a musical lineage as the son of the Goanna founding guitarist, the late Mike Biscan, Biscan’s childhood soundtrack blended the King James Bible, Wesleyan hymns, and the echoes of rock legends.

Gifted a ‘Seagull’ parlour guitar at the tender age of seven, his fingertips developed calluses overnight, sparking a love for playing. His musical journey, marked by late-night music doco sessions and a notebook titled ‘Luke Biscan’s Songbook,’ transitioned into a coming-of-age moment in July 2012 when he landed in Melbourne with a guitar, a suitcase, and a handful of original songs.

A testament to growth, exploration, and artistic maturity, since calling Australia home, Biscan has continued to impress over the past decade, leaving a lasting impact on the Geelong music scene with his weekly performances on the gig circuit, his debut album Revivalist in 2018, making an appearance on reality singing contest The Voice in 2020, and supporting Goanna’s special one-night-only homecoming performance at Geelong’s Costa Hall last year.

‘All The Rage’ is not just a single; it’s a testament to Luke’s ability to keep fans guessing about the direction of his work, pushing the boundaries of his own sound.

As for what’s to come, in the words of Luke Biscan, “Something magical is coming in the new year, a project almost six years in the making.” For now, let ‘All The Rage’ be your guide into the musical universe of Luke Biscan, where every note is a brushstroke on the canvas of a remarkable artist’s life.

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