Geelong singer-songwriter Luke Biscan unveils cinematic acoustic pop single ‘Gethsemane’

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Geelong singer-songwriter Luke Biscan unveils cinematic acoustic pop single ‘Gethsemane’

Everything Luke Biscan creates is mixed up in a galaxy of fresh, alluring and exciting rhythms.

Born out of a vast spectrum of musical influences, singer-songwriter Luke Biscan displays his signature gift for evoking imagery and emotion with his new single ‘Gethsemane’.

The Geelong musician’s first release for 2021, ‘Gethsemane’ sees Biscan master the art of blending acoustic, pop and electro, taking the sound we’ve come to know and love to a whole new level.

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Sonically enchanting and lyrically impassioned, ‘Gethsemane’ captures the UK born singer-songwriter at his best, enmeshing the listener in the haunting melodies and the spacious and ethereal understated production of legend Isaac Barter. The song begins with a bit of winding intricate acoustic guitar work, with Biscan’s skillful hands plucking away at the strings while delivering alluring vocals, echoing a sense of heaviness to come.

The tensely paced track goes on to deliver a smooth melody juxtaposed with textured guitar riffs, a pounding bass drum and punching vocals, resulting in a vibrant representation of what he sounds like in a live setting.

Boasting unwaveringly honest lyricism, Biscan stirs the sonic melting pot with lush vocal layers that lead up to a super edgy bass drop and rhythmic drone with an undeniably catchy chorus hook, giving listeners a fully cinematic experience. It’s around the three-minute mark that the track explodes with some serious up-tempo electronica, closing the track with lush soundscapes and pulsing beats that expertly leave you longing for more.

Renowned for moody foot-stomping anthems and a voice that easily spans genres of alternative, acoustic rock, folk and soft rock, this latest track from Biscan sees him explore an ethereal soundscape which is layered underneath what is at it’s core an incredibly strong acoustic pop tune with some truly unique twists and turns.

“‘Gethsemane’ is basically a pop track, which is new for me. I didn’t set out to write pop, but I’m very pleased with the way this one landed,” Biscan explains.

“Releasing new music is always a rush. It’s wild how a song can take you somewhere. There are moments on ‘Gethsemane’ where you feel like you’re somewhere else. I’m excited for people to feel that.”

‘Gethsemane’ is the first new music we’ve heard from Biscan since his debut album Revivalist back in 2018 which delved into his childhood, religion, faith, hope and belief, highlighting his masterful storytelling ability. Since his debut, Biscan has continued to develop through his long-standing presence in the local Geelong music scene as well as a feature on reality singing content The Voice last year.

“I sure hope that I’ve grown as an artist, but ultimately I’ll have to let the audience be the judge of that. I am older though, that’s for sure, and hopefully a little wiser than I was in 2018 and maybe that’ll come out in the music.”

From the primitive riff-driven screams of ‘Jaws Of The Jungle’ and ‘Volcano’ to the ethereal longing of ‘Grace’ and ‘Wish It Away’ from his debut record, Biscan certainly proves his growth, setting out to push the envelope even further with this latest track, crafting a song honouring his late father Mike, lead guitarist of ’80s folk-rock band Goanna.

“The creative process is mysterious to me. When I’m inspired, the pen seems to move across the page like an Ouija board glass. That’s how it felt writing ‘Gethsemane.’

“As for the back story – my old man passed away last year, so I thought I’d give him a shout out, he put up a good fight.”

Crafting a body of work that feels both intimate yet massive after biding time, the minimalist approach from Barter truly draws you into Biscan’s vocal storytelling, expressed through lyrics of powerful imagery and guitar melodies that layer sincerity, depth and complexity.

“Isaac Barter helped me produce this one. We’ve been working together for seven or eight years now. He really is an Aladdin’s cave of musical wonders and features a lot on ‘Gethsemane’.”

Lifted from his forthcoming release Laodicea, Biscan evidently likes to keep his fans guessing when it comes to the creative direction that his work will take, having previously released pop/rock crossovers, in addition to electro. He continues to push the boundaries of his own sound, and ‘Gethsemane’ is the latest demonstration thereof.

Stream Luke Biscan’s new single below.