Geelong Mums are quadrupling every donation made today for their annual ‘Giving Day’

Geelong Mums are quadrupling every donation made today for their annual ‘Giving Day’

Local charity Geelong Mums has pledged to quadruple every donation today (Wednesday June 17) for its annual ‘giving day’.

The charity, which was founded in 2013 and inspired by the work of St Kilda Mums, are a voluntary network of mothers working together to collect and sort donations of baby and preschool children’s clothing, toys, books and essential nursery equipment like cots, prams and car seats.

They strongly believe that by reusing and recycling much-loved babies’ and children’s gear, they not only share the joy of motherhood with each other, but they also save the earth’s precious resources too.

The past few years has seen the charity run an annual fundraiser, titled Giving Day, which raises funds to help the group provide families with the nursery items they need. This year on annual Giving Day (today), Geelong mums’ partner organisations and anonymous supporters will add $3 to every $1 donated.

“We have high hopes for great support from the community this year,” Geelong Mums revealed. “So many vulnerable people in our community who need support, but to have donations quadrupled is amazing. A $25 donation means $100 to Geelong Mums and ensures we can support families with the essential baby and children’s items they need.”

With an increase in the amount of children and babies needing help due to the coronavirus pandemic, some of the most vulnerable families in Victoria are depending on the work these ladies do.

“Supporting vulnerable families extends far beyond the walls of our Balliang Street warehouse. It’s the result of many people giving, sharing and caring for Geelong Mums from every corner of our community.”

You can make a donation here.