Geelong local Allira Potter to star in new reality TV series The Bridge Australia

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Geelong local Allira Potter to star in new reality TV series The Bridge Australia

The proud Yorta Yorta woman is starring in the series, which is screening in full on Paramount+ from Friday August 19th.

Step aside Survivor, there’s a new addictive reality series hitting the screen that promises to please any fan of the gruelling television show. Meet The Bridge Australia.

Based on a UK format and filmed in Tasmania, The Bridge Australia is a new Survivor-like series that challenges 12 strangers to build a bridge across water in the Tasmanian wilderness in the hope of winning $250,000.

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Featuring the one and only Hugo Weaving as narrator, the 12 participants must use nothing but their bare hands and basic tools to build 330m of bridge across a remote Tasmanian lake to an island in 17 days to claim the $250K prize. The twist (well, one of them) is that they must build the bridge together, but only one of them can cross.

Whoever is chosen to cross the bridge ultimately decides who keeps the cash. Will they share it with the group or keep it for themselves? With big decisions at play, each week, we’ll witness power struggles, flares shooting across the sky, and personal transformations as the dozen adventurers battle the elements and each other – to build The Bridge to victory.

As we’ve seen with most competition reality shows, when it comes to strangers working to achieve a common goal with a cash prize ending, it can be hard to know who to trust with emotions, strength, teamwork, greed, passion and determination all factors coming into play. Expect a whole lot of strategy and mind games with this one.

Adding another notch to her ever-growing list of achievements, Geelong-based Allira Potter (she/they) is one of the 12 participants featured on the show. Marking Allira’s debut into television, the proud Yorta Yorta woman (and trained reiki practitioner, intuitive reader, energy healer, life coach and meditation guide, champion of local brands and diverse representation and all-round boss babe) is going to bring the good vibes and authenticity to the show and we absolutely cannot wait to see this absolute powerhouse in action.

Allira joins 11 other competitors from across the nation, ranging from ages 25 to 66, including fellow Victorians Steve, Rhiannon and Georgina.

With Allira’s trademark unapologetic, no-f*cks-given style (which you’ll fall completely in love with), spiritual sassiness and beauty that shines from the inside out; a brilliantly diverse cast; one bridge and one winner; Huge Weaving’s hypnotic voice and the sweeping vistas of the Tasmania wilderness and we reckon we’ve just found our weekend binge.

The full series is screening on Paramount+ from Friday August 19th with a Free to Air preview 9:30pm Monday August 22 on 10.