Gazing Skywards At The Violet Precipitation

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Gazing Skywards At The Violet Precipitation

The colour purple is often associated with royalty. Purple is also a strong force that can represent creativity, peace, grandeur and magic. So it naturally made sense that Prince and his unique charisma was drawn to all things purple.
Andrew De Silva has been involved in the music scene since he was a teenager. Learning the ropes in the early nineties with R’n’B outfit, CDB. A different time to be a musician. He had to take an unscheduled hiatus in 1998. He never lost his passion or focus and returned to the music scene with plenty of ambition. You may remember him from winning Australia’s Got Talent back in 2012. It was here that he was able to showcase his unique style and find his voice again. Knocking down doors in the process.
Andrew had been singing Prince songs all his working life in bands. One month before Prince passed away, Andrew was performing in Albury. When the news came through that Prince had joined the great gig in the sky in April of 2016, the show took on a whole different meaning. He wanted to keep his music alive. The show is about friendship. Prince was about the music and the musicianship. It has always been about the music.
He began to round up Australia’s best musicians that he had the pleasure of sharing the stage with over the past twenty years. They also happened to be massive Prince fans. The crew spoke about putting on a purple revolution show on a bigger scale with more purple in the air. Not a moment of hesitation passed. They all agreed. Roll out the purple carpet.
The first show after Prince left us earthlings, the band put on a hugely emotional show. The crowd loved it. Andrew feels that the difference between this show and some other tribute shows is that they aren’t trying to be like him, or imitate him in any way. It’s just great musicians with the love of the artist.
It takes Andrew back to 1989. The first time he witnessed his raw energy live. This was a time where Prince had just put out the soundtrack for the amazing movie that was, BATMAN. The Batdance was taking over the streets and happy pants were in vogue. He was wondering how does one man play all these different instruments. Looking at him as some kind of genius. Leaving that concert with a realisation that his music makes you feel really good. He brings people together.
It was a strange feeling remembering that concert as he was living in the latest moment. 2016 saw Prince take his Little Red Corvette for a trip up north to see David Bowie waiting for him at the door. Prince nearly came back to earth after Leonard Cohen joined them. Whispering to Prince ‘That’s No Way To Say Goodbye’ in his ear. Sir George Martin, producer extraordinaire, thought it was a great opportunity let Prince know he had some friends he’d like to introduce him to.
Prince once turned up late to Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival back in 2008. In typical rock star style, he arrived in a helicopter. The small man, draped in purple walks out. Grabs a white guitar and begins a riff that goes for thirty minutes. The crowd is in awe. Four hours later and numerous dance moves shared with strangers, Prince departs in his helicopter. That is Prince.
Andrew has decided his method of transportation to his next venture. One thing for sure is the spirit of Prince will be in the room. The fans will be dancing and swaying as they join the band for a Purple Rain sing-a-long. The song has a different meaning to everybody. It is a strong, powerful song that brings out many emotions. Andrew and his band will be right there with you feeling the Prince connection.
At the end of the day, good music is good music. So put on your raspberry beret and get ready to dance when the sky is painted purple and the clouds open up with torrential rain on the first of June and beyond.
When & Where: Purple Revolution: A Tribute to Prince @ Palms At Crown, Melbourne – June 1
Written by Sam Young