AViVA is back with latest single ‘BRN’

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AViVA is back with latest single ‘BRN’

Travelling between LA & Sydney, and fresh from a slot at Groovin The Moo and national support to Tonight Alive, Australian independent recording artist AViVA has been killing it! Since October last year, AViVA has garnered over 24 million streams across all platforms, catapulting her name into the alternative YouTube underworld of Nightcore and the gaming community, and now has unleashed her latest single ‘BRN’. We have a quick chat to the Aussie dark pop powerhouse.
Hey thanks for chatting to us. Your new single ‘BRN’ is being described as a battle cry, what was your thought process when writing this song?
It’s a very personal song. It really was designed to be a reminder to people to stand up for who you are and to be that person unapologetically.
You spend your time split between LA and Sydney, do you have a special or favourite place to go to and write songs?
My favourite place to write songs is in my studio, surrounded by my things. I’m a Taurus… we like our things, not because we’re possessive. I can remember where everything comes from, or who gave it to me and when. It’s hard to feel alone when you have mementoes and trinkets you treasure around you. Inspiration is everywhere!
What message do you hope to send to listeners through your music?
That being different and weird and unique is beautiful. Two days ago I said to someone ‘I’m weird.’ And they said ‘I know, I’ve figured that out by now!’ And I was really happy about that. It means I’ve been completely honest with myself and I’m doing that I believe I’m leading my example. Showing people it’s okay to fly your freak flag!
Your previous single ‘GRRRLS’ has over 25 million streams online, how awesome do you feel?
I think that it feels pretty damn awesome!
So, you have created you own brand of music, that combines elements of rock, pop, punk and emo, what bands did you grow up with and draw an influence from?
I draw influence from everything! Growing up I was surrounded by different music- Frank Sinatra, Lena Horn to The Smiths and Kate Bush… I wanted to absorb all the music I was surrounded with. In the end, for me, it always comes back to the feelings the music can induce… Gymnopedie no.1 by Eric Satie makes me feel just as much as This Is How I Disappear by MCR!
Listing five songs, what is your ultimate pop/punk playlist?
5 songs isn’t much of a playlist but for my ultimate sad grrrl playlist I’d have to have a few of these…
‘What You Do To Me’ – Don Broco
‘You and I’ – Pvris
‘Heavydirtysoul’ – Twenty One Pilots
‘Gangsta’ – Kat Dahlia
‘Disappear’ – Tonight Alive, Lynn Gunn
Thanks for chatting, any last words?
Come check out the tour, we’ve got three more shows in Melbourne and Adelaide!
Thanks so much.
Release: ‘BRN’ is available now on Spotify, iTunes & Google Play.