Freya Hollick and Jules Sheldon Team Up

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Freya Hollick and Jules Sheldon Team Up

Songwoman Freya Hollick and songman Jules Sheldon have teamed up for a show at The Bridge, Castlemaine on May 14.

Freya had been performing for quite some time before she released her debut album, Beauty and Sorrow, in 2014.

Fortunately for fans, the “vintage Victorian” chanteuse hasn’t kept them waiting quite as long this time. Going by reports earlier in the year, The Unceremonious Junking of Me should be released next month. Jules, too, knows a thing or two about keeping fans waiting.

Some six years after his self-titled debut, he returned to his solo moniker for the album Football, Trams, Parties & Other Extended Highlights. You can’t rush a good thing.