Fractures: Still Here

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Fractures: Still Here

Sounding equal parts like a mixture between Asgeir, Bonobo and a more electronic Birds of Tokyo, Fractures has now developed into a main stayer in the Australian music landscape. After his debut self titled EP was released back in 2014, Fractures has been melding together his folk-electronic sound. I remember last year attending the Zoo Twilight concert with BOT headlining and that was when I was first really exposed to what Fractures is all about.

If you’re a fan of the Kid A era Radiohead material, you will be able to find something to love in Still Here. It features quirky electronic beginnings, and also the notion of building instrumentation through the arrangements of the songs. Opener ‘Withhold’ sounds like it could have been an indie record B side to a Hot Chip or LCD Soundsystem album. The textures that are created in this track set the tone for what is to come. From a few listens to the track ‘Lowcast’, I can here a subtle hint of Dustin Tebbutt in the vocal sound.

This album has been highly anticipated for a while and now it’s finally here, I’d suggest you get your tickets to the album launch show because by the end of 2017, Fractures is going to be a world figure in electronic music. A solid debut album and something that will be on the top of my iTunes listening pile for quite a while to come. For the uninitiated, blissful electronic music that will be a smile to your face all year long. Throw in, Wayne Connolly producing, this is one of the albums of the year.

Reviewed by Tex Miller