Forté’s Guide to Loch Hart Music Festival

Forté’s Guide to Loch Hart Music Festival

Lazy days and happy nights. A place where you can watch the sun dip into the sea while music fills your ears. Where the sea spray will cool you down and the sunset will soothe the soul… sounds like a castle in the sky right? Well, it’s not… it’s Loch Hart Music Festival, the regional festival returning to the small scenic town of Princetown this Summer for its second edition, where the vibe will be chill, the music will be infectious and the scenery will inspire.

It’s so good that we’ve decided to put together a little guide to the festival with a little bit of help from festival organiser Jayden Bath.

Okay so you’ve got your ticket, you’ve got your crew – now the time to work out the best way to get there! Loch Hart Music Festival is located on the Great Ocean Road in little known Princetown right next to the 12 Apostles. The farm is so big that the entrance literally doesn’t actually have an address. We recommend car-pooling down to save money, emission and ensure the best times. Gates open at 4pm on Friday and the Welcome to Country starts at 6.30pm so you’re best to get on the road Friday afternoon so maybe give a heads up to your boss that your cutting out early… it will be worth it.


Loch Hart Music Festival’s Kangaroobie Camp combines farm, beach, and bush, so a few things will be needed for the ideal campground festival setup!

Firstly, and most importantly, vibes! Come with your best vibes and you will have the best possible festival setup!

Infrastructure-wise, be sure to bring a marquee for shade, a study tent with loads of pegs, and a big esky filled with ice and bevs. Camping is included in the ticket price so there are no extra costs (unless you want to step up your experience and opt for glamping which is totally fine if you just can’t see yourself in a $10 Kmart tent).

If you’re bringing a whole crew to camp with, it’s just too easy at Loch Hart. Located on a mammoth farm overlooking the ocean, the campground is as big as you’re willing to walk. You will always be able to guarantee yourself a camping spot right next to your mates, and your neighbours will soon become your new mates too!

And last of all, proving Loch Hart is a place for everyone, there will also be a camping area designated as an alcohol-free zone that you can elect to camp in at the festival if you wish to do so. Loch Hart is an inclusive event, and the priority is on wanting everyone to have fun and feel comfortable so if mixing camping and alcohol isn’t your cup of tea, let the crew know on arrival and they’ll take care of you!


While there’s a lot to love about Australian music festivals, it must be said that it can be a bit of a drain on your bank account. Between tickets, travelling, food, merch, accommodation, and gumboots, you can end up spending quite the pretty penny on a weekend of fun and music. But it doesn’t have to be this way, and Loch Hart Music Festival is committed to making your music festival experience not only a memorable one, but also thrifty with the privilege of bringing your own booze – just don’t bring any glass!

The thought of palming off the traditional $10 warm mid-strength festival beer and avoiding the lengthy bar lines makes us a bunch of happy campers that’s for sure. Of course, there will be bars on-site if you’re wanting to indulge!

Creating a festival all the elements that punters desire, it was a pretty simple but important remit that inspired the creation of Loch Hart Music Festival – to bring people together – and what better way then with an awesome lineup?

A highlight will be when local legend Didirri takes to the stage and serenades us all on Saturday. Born and bred just a stone’s throw from the festival site in nearby Warrnambool, and who just recently returned from a worldwide tour, Didirri is ready to captivate punters with his voice, musicianship, and storytelling as the sun sets over the ocean on the iconic Shipwreck Coast.

Hip-hop impresario Genesis Owusu getting wild after midnight is another must see. 2019 has seen Genesis Owusu truly come into his stardom and captured the attention of the nation, and they can’t look away. Known for his unmatched live performance, Genesis Owusu continues to impress and exceed expectations with each release, further positioning him as an innovative, multi-faceted force in the Australian music landscape.

Alongside these two ‘must-see’ acts, the lineup also boasts a tonne of regional goodness, including the likes of artist-producer Alice Ivy (Geelong), Baked Beans (Ocean Grove), Forever Son (Anglesea), Zuma (Geelong), Chook & Moluck (Geelong), Leslie D. King (Timboon) and Hold // Fire (Birregurra), while names beyond the region include bona fide indie-pop darlings Alpine, the best and brightest of Melbourne’s world-class indie scene Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird and Moaning Lisa, and seasoned festival favourites The Senegambian Jazz Band – just to single out a few!

Photo by Dominik Schmarsel

Photo by Dominik Schmarsel

You can’t be expected to party all weekend without fuelling up. A number of food stalls will be open over the weekend serving up all manors of deliciousness. We recommend you hit up Fugazi Pizza which is genuinely some of the best pizzas south of Italy. There will also be festival favourites Hotties Eat Rotis and Dolly Vegan Bus whipping up the goods all weekend.

You are welcome to bring your own food, but please note you cannot bring camping stoves (gas or electric), BBQs, fire pits or any type of cooking equipment.

A festival for happy minds, the team at Loch Hart want all attendees to relax and focus on having a good time with friends – and that extends past just having a great music lineup. Focusing on creating an experience, punters can enjoy a range of activities across the weekend that will guarantee you feeling completely refreshed – and maybe even revitalised – as you pack up your tent on the Sunday.

Whether you bring a picnic and chill to the tunes in the arvo, or play some games in the gaming area or doing some craft, or get up for yoga in the morning, the festival is all about embracing ‘you do you’. They’ve even got former triple j breakfast radio host, Wannon independent candidate, and bonafide ratdog Alex Dyson on board, who is set to preside over the festival’s comedy hour, which will feature a cavalcade of Victoria’s best-emerging comics including Luka Muller, Aurelia St Clair, Annie Louey and Alex Keen. Prepare to have those funny bones thoroughly tickled!

Get ready to make friends. This is a festival that is all about chatting to the person next to you at the bar, joining campsites with your neighbours and riding on the shoulders of festival strangers. It’s intimate, it’s wholesome, you feel so connected that the whole time you could think you were at a house party with all your best friends.

Oh and it’s a cash-only event so hit up the ATM on your way as there are no cash out services on site.


Why not unwind and escape the daily grind in the laid back surrounds of Loch Hart Music Festival – November 15-17, 2019. Tickets on sale now via