For one month, and one month only, get zippy over the Yarra

For one month, and one month only, get zippy over the Yarra

Words by Alice McDonald

It’s time to fly.

Your next trip to the CBD has been upgraded.

Firefly Zipline Melbourne is offering the first-ever zipline over a body of water in Australia. Grab together your most adrenaline-seeking buddies and zoom over Federation Square, over the Yarra and into Alexandra Gardens at a whopping 40 km per hour on a 130-metre zipline.

You’ll find yourself nine meters up into the heavens on a dual-line zipline – first date idea? I think yes.

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With only 5000 tickets available and running from December 1st – 28th you need to get in quick.

This crazy adventure is available to everyone, including children. Kiddies under 18 will need a guardian to sign a waiver and little kiddies under 12 need a parent or guardian to accompany them on the zipline.

Wheelchair accessibility and accommodations are currently in the works so it’s best to call ahead if you’re unsure.

Tickets start from $39 and go on sale November 1st, so don’t walk, don’t run, ZOOM onto the website here to grab your tickets quick.