This doggy winery tour has you and your four legged pal’s weekend adventure sorted

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This doggy winery tour has you and your four legged pal’s weekend adventure sorted

Words by Alice McDonald

I’m literally not joking right now, this is legit.

Dog lovers and owners across the state, let us introduce you to Gourmet Pawprints.

Gourmet Pawprints is offering a very unique experience for you and your goodest boy/girl. The Gourmet Pawprints tour is a bus ride with a spot reserved for you and your pooch to sit back and put your paws up.

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Yes, your dog will get a window seat.

From doggy massages, to movies and lunch, you’ll find yourself with a chardonnay in one hand and a lead in the other.

Gourmet Pawprints want you to have a fun and relaxing adventure with you and your pals with the peace of mind that your pupper will be having the time of their life too. As I’m sure we all know, being a puppy dog in lockdown was not easy. Mum and dad working all the time, only one-hour walkies and a lot of doggie anxiety. Why not give your dog the finest little holiday they definitely deserve?

Wind back and relax to the beautiful scenery of Victoria – with the pawfect vantage point window licking is a must!

Yes, I was talking about the dogs not you. But don’t worry, you’ll be relaxing as well.

Within these handcrafted doggy winery tours, Gourmet Pawprints bus ‘Bella’ provides a climate-controlled cabin, human and doggy seat belts, blankets and gift bags with tours of the Melba Trail, Yarra Trail and Mornington Trail on offer. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

No matter the destination you choose, you’ll visit two to three wineries where you’ll be wined and dined with a 2-course lunch with a glass of wine (while your pooch gets their massage), 2-3 wine tastings including tasting fees and personalised dog treats.

Each Doggy Winery Tour has some off leash time at either a winery, park or beach. The tours are carefully crafted to ensure the dogs have time to enjoy their day too. Some tours may include a food tasting venue instead of a winery with each tasting done outdoors with your pooch.

Honestly, what more do you need?

Get your dog crazy pals together and have a good time.

To find out more about Gourmet Pawprints puppy friendly wine tours check out the website here.