Five things you didn’t know about Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers’ new single ‘AHHHH!’

Five things you didn’t know about Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers’ new single ‘AHHHH!’

Photo by Ruby Boland

Channelling Riot Grrrl-era energy with a 2021 spin, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers are the most natural, unapologetic and damn likeable punk-rockers you’ll meet.

In case you missed it, Canberra’s unapologetic punk-rockers Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers dropped their first single for 2021 earlier this year with the fiery track, ‘AHHHH!’.

Arriving alongside news of a new label home with Domestic La La and management partnership with UNIFIED, the single is in a league of its own with huge Riot Grrrl-era energy, edginess and attitude, with an equally loveable and endearing reliability. It’s the first studio offering since February 2020, when they dropped the standalone single ‘Desk Chair’.

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Bringing together the raw talents of Canberra vocalist Anna Ryan, guitarist/vocalist Scarlett McKahey, bassist Jaida Stephenson and drummer Neve van Boxsel, the single is a rousing punk jam “about navigating a relationship with someone you have known for a long time but their character changes”.

“You find yourself making excuses for them and forgiving them when the answer is clear that sometimes you just need to ditch and move the heck on!” says Anna Ryan, the band’s vocalist, of the track.

Straddling punk, rock, pop and garage influence, the release of ‘AHHHH!’ finds Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers solidifying their status as Australia’s must-watch in the field of punk-rock and to celebrate just that, we got the band to share a handful of secrets about the making of the track:

  1. There were a few alternative song names floating around for this track, a few of which included ‘BAD IDEA!’ and ‘A Song Called AHHHH!’. In the end we stuck with ‘AHHHH!’ in the hopes that everyone saying it out loud would scream it at the top of their lungs!
  2. The song was born in lockdown in 2020. We spent the first few weeks writing over 50 songs to possibly record, and after we did a cheeky little vote of our favourites ‘AHHHH!’ took out one of the tops spots.
  3. Even though every member of Teen Jesus sings backup vocals when we play live, this is the first song we’ve ever released with every member’s vocals on it! While recording, James Tidswell had us yelling angry rants during the verses, so we were all extremely riled up when it came to choruses.
  4. Our lifestyle while recording ‘AHHHH!’ consisted of: Nando’s, coffee, basketball, Aldi snacks, interpretive dancing, and an unhealthy amount of cruisers.
  5. Although we’ve only played a few shows this year, ‘AHHHH!’ is definitely our favourite song to play live. We all get so into it and are boogying around the stage like no one’s business. We really hope everyone gets a chance to come and see us play it once everything opens up again!

Take a listen to ‘AHHHH!’ below.