Five of The Vann’s ultimate pit stops when touring Australia

Five of The Vann’s ultimate pit stops when touring Australia

The band have dropped a fresh single ahead of hotly anticipated Australian tour dates.

With a huge national tour coming up this June, South Coast four-piece The Vanns have continued to stoke the fires of momentum with their latest single ‘Red Light’, the band’s first new music since the release of their acclaimed debut album Through The Walls back in 2019.

Following in the same vein as the album, drenched in catchy melodies, vocals and rhythms with a killer bassline, ‘Red Light’ signifies a natural progression in their vibrant indie-rock sounds and runs close to a faultless delivery.

Recorded in Byron Bay, with Chris Collins (Gang of Youths, Tyne James Organ, Ruby Fields), ‘Red Light’ revolves around an individual who is battling their own demons, and speaks to a wider feeling of losing control and spiralling out of it.

“I view ‘Red Light’ as a story of a “lack of control” state of being. Not everything is as it may seem, jumping to reactions may cause more harm than good. For myself this single was the first of many written with myself involved and shows a move towards a sound that is influenced a lot more on groove and feel,” says The Vann’s Andrew Banovich.

To celebrate the release and their huge forthcoming national tour, we sat down with bassist Tom Switlek to suss the band’s ultimate pit stops when on tour.

Scarborough Beach, WA

I can’t speak for the others but this place for me is a must-do when going on a Perth trip. Less than half an hour drive from the airport and there’s something about jumping in that water after a long plane ride that just hits differently.

Virgin Lounge

With touring comes a lot of flying and having access to any type of lounge at the airport is a game-changer. Whether the mood is coffee and brekky or a couple of Pacifico (magnificos), the lounge most definitely will have you covered!

Coffs Harbour Jetty

After driving hours and hours with the lads, building up that ‘four dudes touring in a van’ smell. It’s awesome stopping for a cleanse/ swim at Coffs Harbour jetty. I mean who doesn’t like a bit of a frolic around in the water, right?

Austinmer, NSW (Jim’s place)

Whether it’s before we head off on tour or the airport, or just a place to meet up for some beers. Since he moved there, it’s kind of been the place we all meet up before anything. So I felt obligated to throw it on the list!

Any venue/show

We all love playing together and playing shows is definitely the highlight of what we do! I mean, stopping after a day of driving to play a show in front of a bunch of people. Drinking beer and hanging out with your mates. Now that’s a damn good pit-stop!

The Vann’s roll into Melbourne at The Corner Hotel on Thursday, July 15 (tickets available here), and The Forum on Friday, July 16 (sold-out).

Check out The Vann’s latest single ‘Red Light’ below.