Five minutes with Teischa

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Five minutes with Teischa

Talented LA-based Perth artist Teischa has dropped her new single ‘Haunt Me’ which premiered in October on triple j Good Nights. While we may be late to the party, it doesn’t take away from the quality of the sparse and soaring track.
We sit down with Teischa to talk all things music, travels and what’s next.
Your new single ‘Haunt Me’ premiered on triple j last month, how did that
make you feel? Have people been responding the way you wanted?

It’s always an amazing feeling hearing your song on the radio for the first time! I’m so grateful for the lovely feedback I’ve received and for the continuous support so far. It makes me so excited to share more music!
Can you talk us through a little bit of the song writing process?
This song writing process was me basically just getting some shit off my chest that I had been carrying around for a while. A lot of my songs are born this way. Writing music is a very therapeutic thing for me and I write mostly from a very personal place, so I was left with a strong sense of relief after writing ‘Haunt Me.’ The theme of the song is about finding closure and moving on from past relationships and writing this song definitely, in a way, gave me that feeling I was after.
It was produced by your friend and collaborator SAKR, what was it like working with him?
Sam is a very close friend of mine and someone I always love working and collaborating with. When making this song I basically spent most of the day ranting to him about some stuff I was dealing with and he found away to capture my thoughts so purely through sounds to make the music feel exactly the way it needed to.
You have travelled and moved around a bit, do you think this helped fuel your
passion for music?

Definitely! I’m so inspired by different cultures and what’s going on in different parts of the world. Music is obviously such a universal language and I’ve been so lucky to have had the opportunities to travel with it and connect with people through music.
You recently moved to LA and have signed with booking agents Lucy Dickens and Tom Windish, how has that experience been?
So great! I love LA and I’m so thankful to have met both these incredible people through my travels. Playing live is one of my favourite parts of making music, so having Lucy and Tom a part of our team now is such a dream.
Backing it up, how did you first get into music? Where did it all start for you?
I developed a love for classic music when I was about 12 and living overseas in Thailand. I decided I wanted to teach myself to play the piano and would watch youtube tutorials constantly to figure out how to play the pieces I really liked the sound of. I’ve also always had a love for words and storytelling so, eventually, I ended up putting the two together and, somewhat gradually and unintentionally began writing songs.
What can we expect to see from you next?
Over the last year I really took my music into my own hands and have created some songs I’m so proud of and dying to share real soon!
Check out the track below.