Five minutes with Callous

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Five minutes with Callous

Callous play Death/Grind Metal with the tongue planted firmly in their cheek. One of few extreme acts from Bendigo, Guitarist Matt “Chooma” Tresize gave us a few words ahead of the gig at Musicman with Irish Death Grinders Abaddon Incarnate.
How is it being on the extreme side of things and playing in Bendigo?
Its interesting to say the least, metal in general has a decent following in this town. But, like many other regional areas, we lack the venues to play, especially for the more extreme side of metal. Like most other bands we are always looking to play in different areas other than Bendigo and with like-minded metal heads. Our focus has been on recording and new tracks which keeps us busy with the lack of venues to play.
What can we look forward to at the gig with Irish champs Abaddon Incarnate?
Well if you remember the Canteena on Tatooine then I needn’t say more.
Future plans for Callous?
Essentially to record new content and gig a bit more. We’re working on some new tracks that will raise the bar on our musical skills. These tracks will consolidate a lot of work we have put in to practicing individually and as a collective.
Catch Callous at The Musicman Megastore in Bendigo on Friday October 26 for a night of extreme sonic destruction. Abaddon Incarnate will open the gates to hell when they unleash their brutally intense brand of death/grind on the venue, alongside Wounded Pig, Blood Mountain and AbuGhraib.