Geelong's first ever heavy and alternative day is coming

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Geelong's first ever heavy and alternative day is coming

Ever heard a riff so heavy it felt like it would melt your face off? Well prepare for a whole day of it with Melted; Geelong’s first ever heavy and alternative day and night festival.
A combination of the blood, sweat and tears from Geelong’s very own Toxicon, Melted Festival is looking to be one of the best local festivals exhibiting some of Australia’s awesome metal talent, showcasing everything from heavy metal and alternative metal, to 90s punk and progressive rock.
“We really wanted to try and create something that’s just going to grow into the future,” explains Toxicon vocalist Wayne Clarris. “We wanted to emphasise the alternative, the rock and the punk as well as the metal. We didn’t want to just have a straight-up metal festival.
“I think there’s a lot of good ones going around, but I like the mix,” he continues. “We feel like when you get variety over the day, it seems to be a bit more fun. You get more people involved, and you get the opportunity to cross genres so people can see something they may not have seen, or been excited about, before.”
With Geelong’s independent music scene coming back to life, and Geelong crowds and venues putting a heavy focus on celebrating and nurturing live music; the Toxicon boys are keen to add another annual event to the calendar.
“Geelong’s got a really, really good music scene, and we just wanted to create something for Geelong that brought everybody together,” he explains. “One of our main things is to grow Melted into something that can potentially have some really big names on the bill. We’re really down for that Big Day Out vibe where there’s cross-genres and fun for everybody.”
Alongside the local progressive-metal band who will hit the stage themselves, the day will also see the likes of energetic power metaller’s Damnations Day, extreme metal quintet Nemesium and Melbourne’s Heavy Metal stallions Triple Kill.
Preparing to tear Geelong a new one, they’ve also got Snakes coming all the way from Alice Springs, ferocious and uplifting melodic metal band Trigger coming from Melbourne’s west, alongside progressive rockers Ocelot, hard rock newcomers Fictitious Me, Geelong punk rockers Good For Wednesday and metal veterans Vendetta who will be slinging grooves nastier than your mother in-law since the dawn of time.
We all know how important a lineup is to a music festival, but an often understated factor is a festival’s artwork, and the guys have nailed this one. Inspired by local legend Metal Benny, the old school Mickey Mouse, old 60s cartoon nicknamed ‘Benny Scream’ reflects the vibe and atmosphere you can expect once you arrive at the BC this year and for years to come.
That’s not all though. While the bands till be tearing it up in the band room, there will also be some festival fun throughout the day, including an ice-cream eating competition (fitting with the theme) – because why the hell not?!
Kicking off the first year with a stacked line up and events, Melted Festival will be certain to usher in the summer and blow the sleep from your eyes after a long winter hibernation. It goes without saying; this festival will melt your face off.
When & Where: The Barwon Club, Geelong – Saturday November 3
Tickets via or direct from The BC bar.