Five Milkshakes/Smoothies You Need This Summer Version 2.0

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Five Milkshakes/Smoothies You Need This Summer Version 2.0

A little while ago we brought you some of the best smoothies and milkshakes around town (which you can read here) and with summer in full swing we thought we’d track down a few more.
Behold a list of the drinks you need to be sipping on all summer long (Forte takes no responsibility for your health over the next two delicious months of your milkshake diet).
Cold Rock Ice Creamery Geelong‘s ‘Nutella Donut Jar’
Nutella and donuts, when mixed together, are a match made in heaven, put that on top of a milkshake and it’s life changing stuff. These are only at Cold Rock for a limited time, so get in quick smart! (Pictured above far left jar)
Shop 2/71 High St, Belmont
63 degrees63 Degree‘s Mega Milkshakes12360380_10153313126259537_4801341899555522915_n
Alas these bad boys spring up during specialty nights like the recent ‘burger night’ but like the sighting of a rare bird, they’re worth the wait. Head in for a fruity (and healthier) Bali Breeze (pictured right) until your next mega milkshake sighting.
140 Pakington St, Geelong West & 87a Barrabool Rd, Highton
Rhonda - WintersWinter’s Cafe‘s ‘Rhonda’
This one’s a bit of a healthy kick but nonetheless incredible. We’re certainly fans of the new smoothie bar addition to the cafe and of course the many smoothies that have come with it. Rhonda is one such smoothie; a tasty blend of mango, strawberry, red chili, coconut water and natural yoghurt. As the cafe says, “she’s hot like a sunrise…”
330 Pakington St, Newtown
The Cottage‘s ‘Cherry Ripe, Choc Mint and Snickers Shakes’ cherry ripe, choc mint, snickers cottage
We prefer to call them, jars of love, as they feature flavours taking us back to our childhood. Packed with sugar and throwing in a second hit of deliciousness, these shakes are on point. Goldilocks may have struggled to find the right porridge in her cottage, but these are just right!
359 Pakington St, Newtown
12065867_1661428910765528_803906542898605139_nMule Coffee Shed‘s ‘Lemon and Mint Frosty Boy’
While the cafe also has a mega shake of its own (usually with a whole ice cream on top) we opted for the healthier and refreshing choice. This is the all-rounder that will help any hangovers, make the heat seem obsolete and just help those mid-afternoon cravings. Yum!
64 Seperation St, North Geelong
All images via the individual cafes.