Joss Russell Q&A

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Joss Russell Q&A

2015 has been a year of changes for Joss Russell. Now going it alone, he seems to have an endless list of gigs filling his calendar,
Hey Joss, how are you mate? It’s been a while since we spoke. What are you up to right now?
I’m really good thanks!! Great to talk to you as always! I’ve been playing around three or four shows a week and studying business at Deakin Uni so things have been busy and exciting!
This year has been a big one for you, finishing your year 12 and gigging hard, last time we spoke you were leading up to a massive show at Adelaide Oval. Did you deal with the nerves ok?
Haha, yeah we coped alright in the end! I remember doing a lot of things to calm my nerves. I went to visit the oval on the morning of the gig and had a good walk around, I had a look at the stage setup and then climbed up to the highest seat right at the back of one of the grandstands. It was a strange feeling seeing the whole place empty but I felt more familiar with the surroundings. Our green room didn’t have a view of the interior of the stadium so I sat outside for a while and watched the stands fill with people gradually as the day went on, that way I wouldn’t walk outside and be hit all at once by the sheer size of the audience. It was crazy to think that all those people were going to hear our music. In the end, nerves turned to excitement and excitement turned to adrenaline, so by the time we were on stage we were really pumped up!
You are an artist who plays both originals and covers, how is that balance working out for you at the moment, are you leaning more toward your covers?
I’m absolutely loving playing covers at the moment. It allows me to do more shows and entertain a much wider range of people. I love playing requests and enjoy the extra interaction that occurs when people know the songs and can sing and dance along. Most of the covers I do are completely re-worked and some are unrecognisable, so the creative aspect is certainly still there!
You play a wide range of events from stadium shows, to intimate pub gigs to corporate shows, tell us how you manage to accommodate various gigs?
One of the best things about being a covers musician is that you get to be involved with a variety of diverse events. This year I’ve done pub, club, and bar gigs of every kind, birthday parties ranging from 1sts to 50ths and I’ve played for billionaires, bikies and everyone in between!
We also believe you have recently signed to an agency which has re-shaped things for you, tell us more about that? 
Yeah, I’ve gotten on board with AES in Melbourne recently and they have been fantastic to work with! Their advice has completely re-shaped the way I go about handling gigs and I’m so grateful for everything they have done for me this year!!
I’d also love to hear about “Hammock Islandwear” and your work with those guys!
We’re a luxury clothing company, based in Geelong with a great local team. We’ve been attracting a lot of attention lately from the public. Our products will be available for purchase early in 2016 through our website and selected stores. In Geelong, the first store to stock our products will be Thule Trading in Little Malop St in addition to over 20 stores both locally and internationally in the coming months!
You can find Hammock Islandwear on Facebook or Instagram or head to our website
Tell us about some of your Geelong shows, where can people come and check you out?
I’m keeping things local over the Summer with plenty of gigs at Torquay Hotel and Lorne Hotel coming up! I’m also playing on both stages at Festival of Sails!
Anything you want to add?
For bookings please call 0417 968 666 or email Forte rocks, thanks for supporting local live music!
When & Where: Milano’s Tavern, Brighton – December 18, Elsternwick Hotel, Elwood – December 19 & 31 & Lorne Hotel, Lorne – December 28.