Five Geelong Milkshakes/Smoothies You Need in Your Life

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Five Geelong Milkshakes/Smoothies You Need in Your Life

There are times for sugar-filled, cooling liquid bliss, and with summer just around the corner that time is now. Here’s a few of the tasty smoothie/iced chocolate/milk shake varieties around town.
The Pickers Union‘s Super (emphasis on super) Peanut Butter Iced Chocolate
No doubt about it you need this sugar-filled, peanut butter bliss (pictured above) in and around your mouth, pronto. There are few who pack their iced chocolates quite like they do at the Pickers Union. This is one sugar-hit you’ll be dreaming of for days on end.
Where: 3 Mackey St, Geelong
blue doorBlue Door Espresso‘s Oreo Milkshake
No need to twist, lick and dunk as this one is jam-packed with Oreo flavour. Anything Oreo related and we’re there.
There’s also a few other flavours to satisfy your sugary cravings.
Where: 2A/105 Skene St, Newtown
spot for joeA Spot For Joe‘s Delicious and Nutritious Natural Smoothies
Not everything delicious has to be bad for you, and a spot for joe’s healthy, natural and dairy free smoothies are just the thing to pick you up when the heat is getting you down.
This smoothie has just hit a spot for joe, and hopefully it’s the first of many to come.
Where: 33 Little Ryrie St, Geelong
down the alleyDown the Alley‘s Ice Cream Dream
It’s the ice-cream, syrup drizzled things in life that we really love, and this drink is just that. Venture up from Eastern Beach and get stuck into one of these bad boys, brain freeze almost guaranteed.  Let’s not forget the serious eating utensils are more than covered.
Where: Shop 10, Edgewater 6 – 8 Eastern Beach Road, Geelong
bear & BeanBear & Bean‘s Cacao Buzz
The perfect mix between your coffee and smoothie cravings, the Cacao Buzz gives a double shot of DC coffee with the goods to back it up. Great for the mid-morning pick up!
If caffeine isn’t your thing there are other smoothie options on offer (though this is the crowd-favourite).
Where: Little Ryrie Street Carpark
Images from individual cafes.