The Sewing Room

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The Sewing Room

When was the last time you picked up a needle and thread and made something for fun? If you’re struggling to think of an answer, it’s about time you looked up Geelong’s newest creative space, The Sewing Room, where the forgotten art of sewing is brought to the forefront. We had a chat with owner Lyn Luck about what it’s all about.
There isn’t much else like The Sewing Room, in fact anything like it, in Geelong. Can you give our readers a rundown of the space? 
The Sewing Room is a community sewing studio offering beginners classes, school holiday workshops and an open studio space where you can bring along your own sewing project and work in a friendly and fun atmosphere. Where sewers of all ages and skill levels can do workshops and learn from each other and develop a sense of community. I am really focusing on teaching beginners how to sew and to feel that sense of achievement when you have made something yourself. I also have a passion to introduce sewing to children and we have a great Kids School Holiday Program and a Saturday Kids Sewing Club which started in September.
How did the idea for The Sewing Room come to you?
I have always dreamed of creating a space where others can come and enjoy sewing like I do. I had worked in the Vocational Education sector for a number of years, but had wanted to return to doing something more creative. There seemed to be a group of people who hadn’t learnt to sew or to knit and I want to fill that gap and provide the skills to everyone who didn’t learn the skills.
How long did it take for the idea to become a reality? 
The Sewing Room started from an idea I first had in June and I wrote a proposal and sent it to Ren and Kate at Boom Gallery. Straight away they have supported the concept and enabled it to happen. We opened on August 18, so we are still very new!
What’s your background in sewing? 
I started sewing when I was 9 or 10 and I would refashion beautiful old fabrics from my Aunty Glad. I trained as an art teacher and I have worked in fashion design, fashion education and trained in the VET Industry at TAFE. I started working with Myer Geelong after finishing my Degree in Art Education, I loved fashion and as soon as my children were born I started “Jemmy Buttons” a children’s clothing label. I wanted jeans and bright interesting colours for my kids and they just weren’t available. Jemmy Buttons was very successful, but got too big for me to manage on my own. I also was Coordinator of Fashion at the Gordon TAFE and taught Fashion Design and Fashion Illustration.
How important is it for those young and old to have skills in sewing? 
It’s important for all ages to find something that they love to do and feel that amazing sense of achievement when they create something themselves. It is unique and individual and made with love and care. Woodworking, gardening, sewing and a whole host of other creative activities are good for the soul.
Sewing will be a hobby for some and a chore for others, what is sewing to you? 
Sewing has been a fantastic creative outlet for me for many years. It is a form of escape and many hours can pass by when I am designing, drawing or sewing a dress or a costume for an event. Focusing in itself is calming and focusing on creating a jumper or a bag or a T-shirt takes time, patience and skill. It absorbs you and takes you to a place of imagination and wonder.
Sewing is known as a rather solitary activity, what difference do you think making it a group thing will have on those new to the craft? 
I want the Sewing Room to be a hub – a drop in centre for sewers of all ages and skill levels. Sewing can be a solitary activity so this space is a great opportunity to turn it into a social activity, to meet new people share a coffee and develop your skills. I want it to be a place to learn and to create.
There’s also the ability to become a member of the Sewing Room, what’s involved in the membership? 
Becoming a member of The Sewing Room Geelong allows you to come in at any time except when there are workshops scheduled and work on your own projects. You have access to the machines and sewing accessories and a very large cutting table. We also have monthly special events that members are invited to come along to. Membership is $50 per year. You can also access the same services as a casual user for $20 per day.
Workshops: October 2, 11-1pm (ages 6-8) & 2-4pm (aged 9+)
Where: 11 Rutland St, Newtown
Contact: 0407 908 069