Fill that dumpling shaped hole in your life with some of the best dumplings in Geelong

Fill that dumpling shaped hole in your life with some of the best dumplings in Geelong

Words by Mackenzie Pennycook

Dumpling lovers unite!

If you’re a fan of the tiny, delicious parcels that are dumplings then this one’s for you.

We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of some of the best dumplings for in the region to keep all dumpling lovers satisfied.

Yangji Dumpling

Located in central Geelong this venue whilst small in shop size is big on flavour. The tiny space is easily missed but you definitely want to try this one.

With fresh dumplings handmade daily, it’s a must-visit for dumpling lovers. You even might be lucky enough to see the dumpling making process in action from the window outside the venue. Whether it’s pork, chicken, veg or a combination dumpling you’re after, Yangji have you covered. Plus, pan fried, or steamed dumplings are also available.

Dine-in is available but due to the small nature of the shop, you can always grab your dumplings to go if the inside tables are taken. Yangji is a hidden gem in Geelong and is a must go for lovers of all things dumplings.

You can find Yangji Dumplings at 166 Ryrie Street, Geelong.

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Oh Dumpling

Hidden in Little Malop Street is a fan favourite in Geelong for dumplings in the form of Oh Dumpling.

With a myriad of dumplings to choose from, spicy pork, pork and Chinese cabbage, chicken, veggie or of course combination there’s something for everyone. The dumplings are available pan-fried or steamed and are also available with your choice of dipping sauce.

If you’re after something more, Oh Dumpling also has a number of soup and noodle dishes available, including the fan favourite, chicken cold noodles. Dine-in and takeaway are both available at Oh Dumpling, with frozen dumplings being available to take home also.

Oh, Dumpling is a Geelong favourite for fresh and delicious dumplings and is set to be one that all dumpling fanatics should add to their list of must-try places.

Oh, Dumpling is located at 102b Little Malop Street, Geelong.

Wah Bah

Wah Bah offers an entirely new take on the traditional dumplings you may be used to.

The Asian fusion restaurant has cemented itself as a favourite for Asian food lovers over the years, with the picturesque location of Cunningham Pier adding some extra flair to a regular dumpling eating experience.

Wah Bah also dedicates an entire day every week to all things dumpling and if there’s one thing we love more than dumplings, it’s a killer deal. Every Thursday at Wah Bah, located just above Wah Wah Gee, you can get any 5 dumplings for $5 meaning you can load up on flavours and try all the best that Wah Bah has to offer for under 30 bucks. With dumpling flavours including pork and chive served with marinated pineapple, prawn and ginger, chicken and mushroom, carrot pea and shitake and of course the mac and cheese dumpling there’s sure to be something for everyone to enjoy.

Wah Bah is located at the end of Cunningham Pier, Geelong.

Chinatown Dumpling

Just a hop, skip and a jump away from the city centre sits Chinatown Dumpling. Located in Belmont Chinatown Dumpling has been a favourite of locals and visitors alike for fresh and tasty dumplings.

Their dumpling selection is extensive, with pork, chicken, beef, lamb, veg and prawn dumplings all available at the venue. You also have the option of steamed or pan-fried dumplings for that extra bit of customisation.

If you’re after something larger, Chinatown Dumpling has you covered. There’s a huge variety of entrees and mains to choose from if you’re after something extra with your dumplings, including spring rolls, congee and crispy skin pork. With the option of dine-in, takeaway or home delivery, Chinatown Dumpling is making getting your dumpling fix even easier.

Chinatown dumpling is a must for dumpling lovers in the Geelong region, and it’s well worth the 10-minute drive out of the CBD.

You can head to Chinatown Dumpling at 3216/98 High Street, Belmont.

L’il Dumpling Van

If you’re after a completely different dumpling experience than you’re used to, then this one might be for you. Offering mobile frozen dumplings delivered straight to your door the L’il Dumpling Van is making securing your dumpling fix even easier. They’re made fresh, and then frozen ensuring you get the tastiest, freshest dumplings delivered to your door and ready to be devoured. There are four flavours, beef, chicken, pork and veg, making the hardest decision not whether you should order dumplings to your door, but what flavour you’ll try first.

The L’il Dumpling van also slings freshly cooked dumplings out of the van which doubles as a food truck, and you can find where they’re next headed via their socials.

To suss out the dumplings on offer or to get your hands on some, head to their website here.

Worthy mentions:
– Shinya Ramen do delicious steamed pan fried dumplings if you’re after an entree to your tasty ramen
– Frankie have steamed vegetarian and steamed prawn dumplings on their huge menu
– Family Pho serve up Vietnamese style prawn dumplings that are quite delish