Feeling stressed? Smash Splash is where you can hurl paint at walls

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Feeling stressed? Smash Splash is where you can hurl paint at walls

Get wild with a supply of colourful paints and some white walls.

If you’re feeling a little bit stressed or you have a bit of pent up rage after this past year, then this could be just the thing for you.

Earning themselves a solid reputation as one of Melbourne’s best high-powered stress relievers, Smash Splash is where you can literally smash things or splash things (paint).

With solo and group sessions on offer, up to three people can enter the room where you literally throw paint at the white walls. There’s paint balloons that you can throw or smash at the wall with a bat, or you can just use brushes or your hands to get creative. All while you’re getting messy and wild, you can even play your choice of music while splashing away.

Need a bit more post-iso relief than just throwing paint? Smash Splash have you covered with their break room, where you can go wild and destroy things – safely of course. You can throw glassware, smash items (like TVs) with baseball bats and sledgehammers, and unleash those destructive tendencies.

Still feeling weird? There’s also a Crash Room. This is a totally new and totally crazy experience. There are three objectives in the room… shoot hoops, capture the flag and find the mystery ball. The winner takes all! One thing for sure you are going to need skills, stamina and mental toughness to make it through this one.

Go on then.

Smash Splash is located at 37 Edward St, Oakleigh. You can book your experience here.