Pack your bags, applications are now open for the next season of The Amazing Race Australia

Pack your bags, applications are now open for the next season of The Amazing Race Australia

If you’ve been watching contestants swim, sprint and jump their way to the Amazing Race finish line for the past few years and thought, ‘I could do that’, now could be your time to shine.

For those who have seen the show before (and seriously, who hasn’t?), you would be familiar with the the series usual format, pitting several teams of two against each other while bungee-jumping, kayaking, goat-milking and skydiving their way across the globe in pursuit of the $250,000 cash prize.

Thanks to the cheeky coronavirus and zero hope of international travel at this stage, producers are mixing it up with a new-look version of the adventure gameshow, pushing competitors to travel all around Australia (where they are able to) and they’re looking for applications.

“Attention thrill-seekers and jet-setters. It’s not too late to salvage your 2020 travel plans. The Amazing Race Australia is back and looking for teams of two to take part in the race of a lifetime – this time, around Australia,” the announcement from Channel 10 says.

“Staying on home soil, contestants will explore the breathtaking beauty and intrepid adventures Australia has to offer. Will our teams scale the Sydney Harbour Bridge? Forage through Kakadu National Park? Count all the churches in Adelaide? There’s no knowing what Aussie adventures await.”

Alongside a chance for Aussie to win a decent amount of coin, this season will be a great way to showcase what we have of offer in our own beautiful country and provide a well needed boost for local companies and the Australian tourism industry. And we’re sure it will be filled with the usual twists, turns and tantrums.

So, if you’ve got a packed suitcase but nowhere to go, and like the sound of a $250,000 cash prize, then lace up your sensible walking shoes, grab yourself an Akubra, swag, carefully select your travel buddy and apply now.

You can view the application page here.

Please note, you have to be over the age of 18 to enter and prepare to answer a lot of questions.