Fast Five with: Seth Sentry

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Fast Five with: Seth Sentry

His album, Strange New Past, dropped today! We caught up with Melbourne HipHop artist Seth Sentry, who is about to embark on a whopping 48-date tour in support of its release including shows in Geelong, Bendigo and Ballarat!
Weed and video games or ecstasy and d-floor?
“Weed and video games, that’s a no brainer,”What’s the worst thing about touring?”The coffee, actually no would be the ‘NO weed and video games’ I think! Well actually, this tour there is going to be an Xbox with us, we’ve got a sweet tv-set up in the tour van, so we’ll be alright!”
Favourite fast-food?
“Well that would have to be the margarita pizza from my local pizza place, it’s actually just been named the best margarita pizza in the world! Pretty amazing.”
Iggy Azalea yay or nay?”MMM, yeah-nah,”
Do you want to elaborate?
“Not really”
What’s your favourite thing about Geelong and regional touring?
“I just love regional touring, I just love the fact that everyone gets so loose and just has fun and are so appreciative when you head out there. I grew up in a regional town myself so I know how much it means to have live acts come through your town. Noone else is stupid enough to do a 48-date tour!”