Earth Caller: Degenerate

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Earth Caller: Degenerate

I can honestly say that Earth Caller have proven something to me. Before now, I wouldn’t have thought that combining hardcore and rap influences could even come close to producing an appealing sound – but I can assure you that the Melbourne-based four piece have changed my mind.
With guitars lower than a gangsta’s pants, thundering drums and a highly aggressive sound, Earth Caller’s debut album has absolutely blasted its way onto the music scene. Vocalist Josh Collard spends most of the album rapping/half shouting, and I found it to be a lot more appealing than his heavy vocals; there’s a lot more energy to that style, and every line seems to be torn from somewhere deep inside.
While the album doesn’t add anything particularly innovative to the music scene, it’s an incredibly solid debut effort – there isn’t a single song that I could class as inferior, and the band has proven themselves to be very capable songwriters. Drummer Luke Webber absolutely shines throughout the album; he switches between slower rap-like beats to a frenetic, double-kick heavy pace effortlessly, and provides a fantastic anchor for the guitar melodies and Collard’s vocals.
Degenerate is an aggressive, heavy and passionate debut effort, and while it doesn’t really innovate, it’s one of the best debut albums that I’ve heard in a while. Earth Caller have proven their chops. Keep an eye on these lads – I’m definitely interested in what they’ll do next.
Out now via independent release
Reviewed by Alastair McGibbon