Erika x L.P: Afterglow EP

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Erika x L.P: Afterglow EP

If it’s a sensual beat, hypnotic vocals and an overall catchy track you’re after, it’s about time you came across Erika’s collaboration with L.P in their track ‘Point of it All’ for the Afterglow EP.

Throughout the release Erika croons in her honey-toned vocals, if it were possible they’d drip from the speakers as they made their way to your ears. Highlights come with ‘This Thing’ where Erika uses her vocals to make a beat while pairing up with the synth already laid out by L.P. The track weaves and bends with intensity, and is generally a smooth listen throughout. ‘Making Up’ is also a standout which is a slightly darker number than its predecessors.

Overall it’s a cruisey listen and the kind that makes you wish you were a much more charismatic, suave person than you really are, but with this EP you can be. Anything is possible with this as the soundtrack to your life.

Reviewed by Valeria Vatoosh