Elevate your summer wardrobe with EP Athleisure: Ena Pelly’s bold venture into everyday empowerment

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Elevate your summer wardrobe with EP Athleisure: Ena Pelly’s bold venture into everyday empowerment

EP Athleisure is not just a collection; it's a distinctive trademark style curated for the modern-day go-getters.

In the heart of Australian fashion, Ena Pelly, a brand born in 2014 amidst the vibrant ambiance of South Melbourne Markets, continues to evolve, pushing the boundaries of style. Currently boasting a direct-to-consumer website and gracing the shelves of more than 90 stockists across Australia, including retail giants David Jones and The Iconic, and a keen eye on global expansion (hello NYC), Ena Pelly is not just a label – it’s a movement.

Founded by Dani Pelly and Tim Wilkins, a husband-and-wife team from Torquay with a vision to provide modern women with the cornerstones of a minimalist and effortless wardrobe, Ena Pelly has become synonymous with contemporary, yet timeless fashion. As it embarks on a journey of worldwide growth, the brand remains rooted in its fundamental values, weaving a narrative that transcends mere clothing.

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In the latest chapter of Ena Pelly’s narrative, enter EP Athleisure – a manifestation of the brand’s commitment to staying attuned to the pulse of contemporary fashion. Under the guidance of newly appointed Creative Director Renee Enright, EP Athleisure emerges as more than just a collection; it’s a celebration of empowerment and an ode to personal identity.

Led by Enright, the debut EP Athleisure collection delved into the fusion of low-performance street and lifestyle sets and separates, designed for the rhythm of everyday life. Launching late last year, EP Athleisure Collection 01 manifest a revelation of signature Ena Pelly details – tactile patches, contrast stitching, and iconic graphic prints that echo the brand’s legacy.

Imagine slipping into the Athleisure Windbreaker and Sports Pant, a vintage-inspired lightweight spray set with retro panelling that radiates timeless style. The collection extends with premium ribbed crops, bike shorts, and legging sets in three captivating colourways, staying true to Ena Pelly’s tradition of blending modernity with tradition.

Renee Enright, the brilliant mind steering EP Athleisure, joins the Ena Pelly brand after three successful EPxRE collections with a new vision of off-duty, elevated leisure wear that embodies empowerment and personal identity.

“The idea to begin this new venture came off the back of three really successful collaborations we’ve done together and gaining an insight into customer demands. It was such a beautiful, natural progression of both our working relationship and also the brand, extending its offering into this Athleisure space where we felt we could really make a strong impact,” Enright shares.

“I think what sets EP Athleisure apart from other labels is the signature Ena Pelly brand DNA that our customers know, and love has been fused so seamlessly throughout each collection, and therefore we’ve been able to truly create our own very distinctive, trademark style.”

Reflecting on her connection with Ena Pelly, Enright shares, “At its core, it always seemed to epitomise my everyday personal style, and it still does; effortless, easy wear pieces with an edge.” Having collaborated with Dani and Tim in the early days of the brand, the relationship grew organically. The EP Athleisure Creative Director’s personal design aesthetic aligns seamlessly with the brand’s vision – effortless, versatile pieces with a touch of edge.

Described as a fresh take on everyday lifestyle apparel, the collection is designed to fit into the wardrobes of busy individuals, seamlessly integrating into their day-to-day lives.

“We design every collection thinking of our Ena Pelly woman and the lifestyle she lives,” Enright shares. “We want easy wear, effortless pieces that she can throw on and be confident AND comfortable wearing. It’s about designing versatile pieces she can easily integrate into her existing wardrobe and that she can wear to school pick up, Pilates or brunch knowing she looks curated and cool.

Her approach is clear – crafting versatile pieces that effortlessly integrate into your casual wardrobe, allowing you to embrace every moment with style and confidence.

True to the iconic Ena Pelly design identity, the collection features graphics applied across their renowned tees and sweaters. Renee pays homage to the roots with inspiration drawn from the Di Sweater of the first EPxRE collaboration in 2020, infusing the collection with sentimental touches that anchor EP Athleisure in the brand’s heritage.

“We really wanted this first collection to set the tone for who we are and what our signature trademark style will be going forward. We wanted to come out with a bang and make a great first impression. This range has many key elements that reflect the overall design identity of the brand – bold graphics, signature patch appliques, the return of some much-loved past print styles and silhouettes, and most importantly the introduction of new shapes and fabrications that also set the apart from the Ena Pelly main line.”

Fashion is more than fabric and stitches; it’s an expression of individuality and empowerment. Enright notes, “What we wear can absolutely affect the way we feel about ourselves.

“We want women to put our clothes on and feel confident, amazing and empowered to be the very best version of themselves. When we feel great, it really shows. Creating clothes that women love to wear, that’s our goal.

“Fashion is one of the biggest forms of self-expression and it’s never lost on me the power of influence it has to break barriers and challenge norms.”

As we glimpse into the future, Enright hints at exciting prospects for EP Athleisure with the second collection due to drop February 2024. New colourways, shapes, silhouettes, and captivating graphics are on the horizon. The label’s commitment to sustainability is not lost either, as EP Athleisure incorporates a 74% recycled nylon in select pieces, aligning with the ‘Ena Pelly for Good’ strategy. “Nylon is quite an intensive fabric to manufacture so by using recycled materials we’re diverting it from otherwise ending up in landfill and the process of recycling and re-yarning the material is actually less resource exhaustive than creating virgin nylon,” Enright explains, “so it’s all round a more resourceful and beneficial production effort which we’re proud to be employing.”

Enright continues to create empowering designs with the latest EP Athleisure collection 02, due to drop February 1, 2024. It’s not just about clothing; it’s about joining a movement – a community of empowered individuals who embrace fashion as a tool for self-expression.

In the world of EP Athleisure, fashion is not just an outfit; it’s a statement of empowerment, a celebration of personal identity, and an invitation to embrace the vibrant, bold, and iconic.

Dive into the collection here, and let your wardrobe tell the world who you are – effortlessly and confidently.