Drown this Fury: Creatures

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Drown this Fury: Creatures

With guitar hooks tasty enough to lure in any metal enthusiast, Adelaide-based hardcore outfit Drown This Fury’s debut EP Creatures is a fantastic effort for a debut release. While outwardly sounding like your everyday hardcore band, Drown This Fury’s melodic guitar lines hint at influences from the broader metal community, and bring reminders of bands like Arch Enemy and In Flames.
Creatures is initially melancholy, but soon explodes into a full-on torrent of overdrive and thunderous drums. My only gripe is that the low end of the band is completely buried under the guitar tone, and took some careful listening to even pick out at all, let alone catch any definitive riffs.
It’s not a dealbreaker, but I’m firmly in the “audible bass” camp. The guitars, whilst slightly overpowering, are definitely a high point – guitarists Tim Donnon and Oli Hughes work wonderfully as a team, and are clearly brilliant at what they do. While hardcore bands tend to sound a bit “same-y”, Drown This Fury have poured enough into Creatures to ensure that it stands alone as both a great debut release and really enjoyable EP. If you like your music loud, fast and really freakin’ heavy, Creatures should definitely be on your list.
Reviewed by Alastair McGibbon