Doughnut Time have a gold-flaked 1kg Nutella doughnut

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Doughnut Time have a gold-flaked 1kg Nutella doughnut

It’s the day serious chocoholics have been waiting for all year – World Chocolate Day is upon us again, and there are some sweet reasons to celebrate.

One that caught our eye is Doughnut Time’s limited edition creation – The Donutella Versace.

This mega doughnut creation that is (supposed to) serve four is a chocolate overload to the max weighing over 1kg, thanks to the inclusion of 10 different types of chocolate.

They’ve got Hershey’s & cocoa dough iced with chocolate glaze, filled to the max with Nutella and topped with chocolate flakes, Kit Kat, Oreo biscuit, chocolate fudge brownie, chocolate sprinkles & chocolate chips, a mini jar of Nutella and Gold leaf for good measure!

Oh my, even the ingredients list is a mouthful.

The limited edition doughnut is available from today until the 13th of July for $34 from Doughnut Time stores.