Didirri talks new music ahead and ‘hitting the ground running’ in 2021

Didirri talks new music ahead and ‘hitting the ground running’ in 2021

Photo by Rick Clifford
Words by Kyra Gillespie

The Warrnambool born singer has just dropped a beautiful Home Edition of 'Strange', taken from 2020's 'Sold For Sale' record.

After a stagnant year, Melbourne singer-songwriter Didirri Peters has hit the ground running.

The Warrnambool musical export started off 2021 playing a string of shows, including Sounds Better Together festival’s Surf Coast show alongside Tones and I, Missy Higgins and Gordi, sold-out shows across regional Victoria topped off with a Brisbane show at The Woolly Mammoth.

He said he’s relieved to be back touring and playing live shows, albeit with a more focused approach to mental health and slow living.

“2020 taught me to take breaks which is something I didn’t realise touring for three years flat,” he said.

“I spoke to my manager and said I will be taking days off between shows to spend time in the communities we’re in rather than just seeing airports. It was so nice to jump off the Breakwater after soundcheck at our last Warrnambool show.

“It feels like we’re on the right foot now and really taking in the places I’m going to is something I’m looking forward to.”

Fans of the indie-folk artist are in for a treat this year, with a huge number of songs written and hints of an album to come. He’s also been added to the bill for this year’s online SXSW Conference in March.

“I’ve written 30 or 40 songs ready for another record, it’s a ‘when it rains it pours’ kind of thing,” Peters said with a laugh.

“I hit the studio on January 2 and recorded the first of what’s coming next with my producer.

“It felt like coming back from a year off yet everyone was talking a Christmas break.

“I wanted to skip the slow winding into 2021.

“It’s amazing to start the year off on a fundamentally creative level rather than a career level.

“Often the first month of the year you spend chatting about plans and schedules. It’s so nice to be letting the spice flow and be back in an actual studio.”

Like many, he described 2020 as a “pretty uninspiring year” to write music.

“Obviously virtual shows have been a lifeline for people at the moment and I have appreciated the fact that we live in a modern era and we get to do that. It would be different if we were going through this in the 80s.

“I’m grateful to be seeing eyes and ears in the audience again.

“For most of us it was a pretty uninspiring year to write songs; as much of a huge global event it is, it’s quite boring on an individual level when we are asked to sit by ourselves and not see other people.

“I definitely write from new experiences and perspectives, or from stories of friends so I’ve found it difficult.

“I do think 2020 has taught me a lot, I’ve meditated every day and worked on my head.

“I didn’t have that fuel of touring all the time to give me purpose, I had to go deeper.”

The Mahogany Sessions crew flew down from Sydney to record an intimate home session of Didirri’s track ‘Strange’, the last song on his latest record Sold For Sale.

Released on Sunday, the beautiful production captures Didirri’s arresting sound, personally dubbed ‘for lovers and overthinkers’.

“The shoot was really wonderful, they are such a cool group of people,” Peters said.

“It was really special.”

Check it out below.

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