Didirri takes us on an intimate journey of self discovery on second EP ‘Sold For Sale’

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Didirri takes us on an intimate journey of self discovery on second EP ‘Sold For Sale’

Photo by Gil Gilmour
Words by Alex Lynch

‘Sold for Sale’ is music of heartbreak and hope.

Storytelling truth seeker Didirri has graced the ears of many in recent times, and now presents us with a new EP entitled ‘Sold For Sale’. An array of honest heartfelt songs that will grant you peace of mind with the stories he so elegantly tells. Drawing on his own experiences, Didirri puts everything into each song to ensure he conveys his message across with success.

Sold For Sale kicks the EP off with a very atmospheric intro, showcasing immediately the very calming nature of Didirri’s music. The attention to each instrument involved is evident, with nothing neglected. Second track The Critic paints an interesting story with impactful lyrics and some beautiful melodies.

Hard on the bass and drum, Loose Belt Drive gives the listener a further glimpse into the very delicate and emotionally driven voice of Didirri. The subtlety of each instrument plays an important part in the depth of each song, bringing a closer connection to the listener.

The combination of a beautiful orchestral backing and Didirri’s delicately beautiful vocal chops is something to behold as heard in Raw Stuff, enough can’t be said about Didirri’s clean vocal range, adapting thematically when needed.

An EP birthed in the chaos of covid 19, Sold For Sale brings a bit of storytelling peace to the chaos.

Sold For Sale is out now via Unified Music Group and Nettwerk Music Group.