DiDi is giving away one free ride per week for everyone in Melbourne

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DiDi is giving away one free ride per week for everyone in Melbourne

Words by Staff Writer

The initiative aims to assist residents coping with the recent surge in Myki prices and the unrelenting pressures of the rising cost of living.

In a move set to shake up Melbourne’s transportation scene amidst the rising cozzie livs, rideshare giant DiDi has unveiled its grandest free rides giveaway to date.

For a period of six weeks, both new and existing customers will be entitled to one free DiDi ride every Thursday, with a maximum value of $20. This remarkable offer translates into potential savings of up to $120 per rider throughout the campaign.

DiDi Free Ride Thursdays

  • DiDi launches free rides for Melbourne users from 13 July – 17 August 
  • One free ride per week on Thursdays capped at $20 per person, per week – saving riders up to $120 
  • Comes as Myki fares rise to $10 a day following a surprise price hike 

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Kicking off on 13 July and running until 17 August, the free rides program is expected to provide a boost to DiDi’s driver partners as well. With increased trip volumes, these dedicated drivers can seize greater earning opportunities, solidifying their financial foothold.

DiDi, having recently celebrated its fifth anniversary of operation in Australia, hopes that this groundbreaking initiative will alleviate the burden on numerous Melburnians. Many residents have found themselves exploring unconventional methods to cut costs, even contemplating side hustles such as rideshare driving to make ends meet.

Following the triumph of a similar promotion in Sydney, where users enjoyed a free weekly ride for 12 consecutive weeks, the spotlight now shines on Melbourne as DiDi rolls out this impressive campaign.

“We’re really excited to launch one of the largest giveaways that we have ever done in Melbourne. Our recent free rides campaign in Sydney was a huge hit – giving away free rides across the city and helping customers save hundreds in the process, ” says DiDi Spokesperson Dan Jordan. 

“With the recent increase in public transport costs in Melbourne and ongoing cost of living crisis, this initiative is another opportunity for us to provide further value to both our riders and driver partners. 

“We’ve seen demand grow significantly in recent months and we’re hoping this initiative can provide Melburnians with an alternative mode of transport that is financially viable. We also fully expect that this will benefit our drivers and help them by providing more trips on the platform and consequently increasing their earning potential,” he says. 

To redeem their free ride, riders simply need to enter the code FREERIDEMEL in the promotions section of the DiDi app. For more about DiDi or to download the app, visit the official DiDi website