Denis Hilton and Limbo are coming to heat up cold winter nights in Geelong

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Denis Hilton and Limbo are coming to heat up cold winter nights in Geelong

Internationally recognised arts event company, Strut & Fret has announced the inaugural season of Spiegeltent Geelong presenting a world-class line up of cabaret, comedy and music at Johnstone Park from 30 May – 23 June 2019. Headlining the event is the crowd favourite and world-renowned adults only circus and cabaret act LIMBO.

To get some information on the event before its arrival we spoke to Australian dancer, choreographer and entertainment jack of all trades, Hilton Denis. He has been touring around the world with LIMBO for the past six years and through this one of a kind show he has been able to do what he loves and see the world. Tough gig huh?

If you think you’ve heard his name before, you might be right, as he has an impressive and extensive list of dancing credits. Although he is probably best known for making the Top 20 on So You Think You Can Dance, Denis has also danced in the Australian leg of famous musical West Side Story and in concert for artists such as Timomatic, Kesha and Janet Jackson.

Over his six years at LIMBO, Denis has been able to continuously adapt his role with the company, which he says allows him to stay motivated in his performances through the years. He also speaks extremely highly of his cast members stating “I get to meet all these skillful individuals that are happy to share their skills with me. I get to collaborate with people I would normally never meet or get to collaborate with and we can skill swap and share”. Let me just preface this by saying that if you have seen any of the images for LIMBO you’ll notice there is an abundance of impressive, physically demanding acts to be seen. When asked if he had partaken in any of this aforementioned skill swapping, Denis said “Sword swallowing, fire breathing, I give that one a miss. I’ve tried Chinese pole and handstands, that’s more down my alley”.

In an attempt to try and find a single speck of human-like weakness in this man, I asked what his most challenging act was, to which he responded with just the casual balancing of one of his cast mates Danik, on HIS HEAD. I mean honestly is there anything this man can’t do?

With his list of talents never in question, I thought it would be interesting to see what his favourite act to perform live is, to which he responded “I’m just one of those dudes who loves doing everything. My background is obviously dance and acrobatics but then throughout all of the things I’ve done I’ve just picked up different skills. Now, I consider myself a musician as well and also learning another aerial art. I’m just one of those dudes that like to do it all you know? But Tap is my number one I would say.”

As he continued to speak with great passion about his performance capabilities he even drops a bomb on me that he is looking to start a music career and has a “soulful hip hop” album in the works with his band, which just so happens to be made up of more talented Denis family members. So, it seems talent, creativity and passion run deep within the Denis bloodlines!

For anyone looking to head along to the see LIMBO, you can trust Hilton Denis when he says audiences can expect something they’ve never seen before from a show that is “filled with a bunch of very talented individuals with really different skill sets, so you’re gonna see a lot of highly skilled people from all over the world in a one of a kind show”.

I don’t know about you, but I’m beyond excited to have the extremely talented people of LIMBO heat up the cold winter nightlife during their time at Spiegeltent Geelong.

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Written by Jordyn Workman