AURORA talks Norwegian black metal, being a warrior and bringing spontaneity to GTM

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AURORA talks Norwegian black metal, being a warrior and bringing spontaneity to GTM

As she prepares to shine bright over regional fields as part of 2019’s epic Groovin The Moo line-up, as well as some huge sideshows across Australia this May, Norwegian dream and a rising star of futuristic artistry Aurora sat down with Forté for a quick chat.

When I think of Norwegian music, Norwegian black metal automatically comes to mind which is quite a contrast from your sound. But you’ve also said you would love to collaborate with heavy metal band, Gojira – have you ever delved into the black metal scene in Norway?
Yes! I love black metal. You could hear a bit on songs like ‘Under The Water’ and ‘The Seed’. I like the intense heaviness of the dark drums and emotional outbursts of growling. It’s very, very cool.

Did that scene ever have an influence on your music at all?
It’s influenced me quite a lot. I love exploring with different types of music and picking small parts that I like and combine them to make my little own unique universe.

You dropped your second album, Infections of a Different Kind (Step 1), last year following the debut, All My Demons Greeting Me As Friends. Album one covered themes of self-acceptance, album two is an extension of that and moving past the demons. What will step 2 in that process be?
Step 1 is about quite many things, and it’s definitely a continuation of my first album form 2016, only that now it’s even wider – a bigger world, a bigger perspective, and a bigger mission. Step 2 is an even bigger mission again. From time to time, it’s quite personal and intimate, but mostly very wide and all-absorbing. It’s an album for the whole world, about political and emotional matters that I feel like fighting for at the moment.

Is that a reflection of your own personal journey?
In the big picture, all I do is very much a reflection of my own journey as a human and as a musician and producer, but often I find that the music I make is one step ahead.

You also represent strength and empowerment through your songs and your community using terms such as Warrior, Queen, and Tribe. Do you feel like a warrior both on stage and in your everyday life?
I feel like a warrior all the time – like a total badass because being a human, and an emotional human, in this life is an extreme sport. I channel a lot of power through my performances, there lies a lot of power in being able to let go and scream, and being on stage allows me to do that. I also want people to feel powerful with me, that’s very important.

Your live shows are quite dramatic and visually appealing with many different elements from backing dancers to stunning outfits. What do you have planned for the GTM set and sideshows?
I’m not bringing my dancers now as I’m feeling like I need the whole show to feel completely spontaneous and wild. I’m bringing some lovely armour and gumption, and joy, and tears – all of it.

Catch her at The Forum, Melbourne – May 3 or at Groovin The Moo, Bendigo – May 4.

Written by Tammy Walters