Dancing with the Beautiful Girls

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Dancing with the Beautiful Girls

Dancehall Days is the new album from The Beautiful Girls, and in its release one question needs to be asked: How does it compare to Wang Chung’s glorious ‘Dance Hall Days’? Time shall tell, boys and girls, time shall tell. Mat McHugh, one of the talented souls of The Beautiful Girls, has taken to PledgeMusic to help fund the new release. In recent times he has been releasing music under his own name; however, his new collection of songs brought out an old friend. Mat: “I started writing the next album with the intention of it being a Mat McHugh album but the songs started taking on a life and sound of their own. When I stood back from them I was able to see that I was being steered into a particular direction. They all sounded like ‘The Beautiful Girls’. It’s hard to explain it but I know it when I hear it. Spooky, dubby, digital dancehall-tinged, rootsy, punky, reggae music mashed up with some mellow acoustic sea songs. It is in that light, and with great excitement, I would like to announce that we are about to start recording a new Beautiful Girls album.” The album is due early October. Barwon Heads Hotel, Barwon Heads – October 25. There is still time to pledge, if that is your kind of thing.