Dallas  Frasca

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Dallas  Frasca

Being veterans of the hard-working Australian rock ‘n’ roll scene it is no surprise that 2015 was another big year for Melbourne based band  Dallas  Frasca. “I think last year we were on the road for 50 weeks – of the 52 weeks in a year – so it was a pretty nuts year for us!” laughs the powerhouse female vocalist of the same name.

First arriving on the scene 10 years ago,  Dallas  Frasca  have established their unique breed of guitar driven rock ‘n’ roll accompanied with exuberant vocals. Since the release of their third  LP Love Army the band have been smashing the live circuit both locally and worldwide.

“We went to Europe and released our album over there and then we went around Australia a couple of times and toured with the American band the Bellrays,” Frasca says.

“It was an amazing year and we got into the top 20 ARIA charts as well – which is a huge feat for the band, just to show to us that the success of the band is growing and we’re just going to keep at it!”

However this release differed from the band’s previous releases. After being signed to Social Family Records at the beginning of last year, Love Army is the band’s first release to be backed by a label.

“I feel like Social Family Records are still kind of a boutique label. We are still an independent band, we just feel like we have a supportive team behind us now while we still have creative control – which is what we wanted,” states  Frasca  who has previously commented that the band is proudly independent. “We were in a position last year were we had offers from a lot of different labels, but chose Social Family because it’s still not a major label.”

While the band has growing success around Australia, a large portion of their fan base is international, particularly in France where  Frasca  enthusiastically recalls a budding rock scene.

“It’s ridiculous! France is the size of Victoria and has 60 million people living there, so it is kind of a numbers game of people who love rock. We are really lucky to have found somewhere where our band really connects with the people, and there is a really huge love for rock ‘n’ roll over there,” she says.

Expanding on their connection with France, the band will be completing a huge European tour alongside mates in The Bellrays, with shows in Italy and Germany – both new destinations for the band.

“We are doing 25 dates in 28 days in 5 countries – which will be really crazy and for us we will be breaking some new territory!” states a very excited  Frasca.

But before they deliver killer sets all over Europe,  Dallas  Frasca  will first be rocking out Melbourne for the last time for a while at 2016’s leg of the Cherry Rock Festival. Scoring a place on the line up alongside artists Richie Ramone (of the Ramones), KADAVAR and the Supersuckers.

“Cherry Rock is one of the coolest festivals that goes on in Melbourne in my band’s eyes and probably a lot of others. The line up is just stupid this year, it is so cool! The whole band is really excited,” Frasca says with a laugh  before continuing, “I mean Richie Ramone man, it’s so cool! Hopefully he doesn’t have too much security around him so that we can be crazy fans!”

Written by Alex Callan

When & Where: Cherry Rock, Cherry Bar Melbourne – May 1