Da Vinci Code

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Da Vinci Code

While everyone’s counting down the days to summer, here at Forte we’re counting down to Earthcore Music Festival. Who needs sunshine when you’re sweating it up under the tents and pumping beats? We had a chat with Stas from progressive psychedelic duo Da Vinci Code ahead of their performance at Earthcore.
Hey Stas (Vibe Tribe & DaVinci Code), thanks for taking some time out to have a chat to Forte Magazine. For those who aren’t familiar with who you are, briefly describe your style and what it is you do?
I’m Stas more known for my project Vibe Tribe and also the new psy-progressive project together with my friend Elmar Spade in DaVinci Code. I would describe Vibe Tribe as energetic and uplifting melodic psychedelic music and DaVinci Code is lower bpm, not more than 138, but psychedelic with progressive approach.
What have you been up to lately and where are you right now?
Touring around the globe and producing new music and managing Mainstage Records label with my friend Didy Bizzare Contact. Otherwise living life in the little spare time I have left and writing to you before taking off for a tour in India.
Where do you get inspiration from?
Wow that’s a big question, basically anything from music obviously, but also from stuff I see and travels around the world. I can get it from basically anything I guess.
You’ve both come from quite successful solo projects, what made you decide to partner up and how have things been going since then?
We just have great chemistry when we are in the studio together. We do lots of music together as Vibe Tribe Vs. Spade and we wanted to do something else. The music we make as DaVinci Code wouldn’t fit to our solo projects. I guess that’s not what the fans of our solo projects would except from us to make for them, so that’s how DaVinci Code came to the world basically.
In your long history of touring you’ve been to some pretty amazing corners of the world, where has been your favourite place to play?
Australia is in the top five obviously. Other favourites of mine would be Brazil, Japan and South Africa. There are many others that I enjoy travelling to. It’s too hard to choose one from so many great and beautiful places.
What do you think of the Australian crowd? Do we know how to party?
Aussies are wild, they rock the dance floor like no other. They are such a warm and good feedback giving crowd, it’s a pleasure play for Australians.
Are you excited to be playing at Earthcore?
I am!! It should be a crazy experience and I am sure I will have a blast there. I am preparing lots of new stuff for both of my sets there as Vibe Tribe and DaVinci Code.
What can the audience expect from your set there?
New tracks, special edits of known tracks, lots of good beats and tonnes of surprises.
Before we finish up, is there anything you’d like to add?
Thanks for having this interview with me, it was a pleasure, Stay tuned for both of my sets at Earthcore and keep spreading the good vibes.
When&Where: Earthcore, Pyalong – November 27 – December 1